ZA Alert - "Spooler subsytem is attempting to access the internet"

Discussion in 'Virus Information' started by RJK, Oct 26, 2006.

  1. RJK

    RJK Guest

    This has been happening for months on my PC :-

    Evey once in a while - every couple of weeks or so, I have a major FIGHT
    with Colour Management, ...this includes fighting with Monitor colour
    profile creators Adobe Gamma and Praxisoft WIZYWIG, (both of which I
    constantly keep an eye on to make sure that after I've fiddled with them -
    they haven't planted themselves yet again in my Startup folder - I prefer
    to manually set my own *.ICM !).

    My route to checking which monitor profile file is currently set is:-

    Right-click an empty area of my desktop | Properties | Settings | Advanced |
    Colour Management

    After booting up, (a fresh NORMAL startup i.e. not a hibernation startup),
    and part way into the above sequence - "Advanced" I think it is - I get a ZA
    firewall alert - "Spooler Subsystem is attempting to access the internet"
    This ZA alert doesn't appear again in the same Windows Session when I repeat
    the above sequence - and that's after dismissing that ZA alert WITHOUT
    checking the box "Always use this action for this type of alert" i.e. I just
    click "Deny"

    Any ideas ?

    ....I have a suspicion that it's connected with Epson printer drivers, of
    which I have two installed - for two Epson Printers. Fiddling with the
    printer driver settings often makes ZA chuck up the above alert ! ...I
    think I read somewhere that the Epson printer ddrivers are not really trying
    to get out onto the interernet but, it's all to do with networking printers

    regards, Richard
    RJK, Oct 26, 2006
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