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Discussion in 'Dealing with Spyware' started by muckshifter, Mar 11, 2006.

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    Microsoft has removed the "beta" tag from its Windows OneCare PC security application, added anti-spyware protection and even given the product a minor name change. But that doesn't mean the $49.95 a year subscription bundle has gone gold.

    On the Windows OneCare team blog, the latest batch of changes are explained:

    * Anti-spyware functionality, powered by the Windows Defender beta, has been added. This features real-time protection from spyware and some classes of rootkits and fits into Microsoft's mission to make OneCare the de facto security software for the consumer market.

    * The name of the service has been changed from Windows OneCare Live to Windows Live OneCare, a subtle branding tweak to differentiate OneCare from the other Live-branded beta services, like Windows Live Mail beta, Windows Live Messenger beta and the Windows Live Local beta.

    * Lastly, with the latest refresh, the "beta" tag is missing. Does this mean the product is final? The answer: no and no. "Dropping the beta tag simply means we're getting closer to final availability."

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    muckshifter, Mar 11, 2006
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