Where is a good place to report websites deliberately hacking sufe

Discussion in 'Security Software' started by nullportal, Sep 13, 2004.

  1. nullportal

    nullportal Guest

    Where does one report a site deliberately trying to infect surfers with a
    hacking virus? I mean other than the abuse address shown by Whois, because
    the netzone holder and my ISP are essentially the same, and my ISP doesn't
    give a hoot, based on prior reports to them from the same netzone that were
    responded to with, basically, the information that I ought to resolve the
    matter myself.

    I come across a website that tries to compel acceptance of a virus (in this
    case Mhtreder.ge) which enables further hacking, at, at a
    textually described (from Google) site called

    nakedpics.name/britney-spears-clips-sexy/ britneyspearsclipssexy.html

    (three guesses what I was surfing for).

    My Panda firewall/virus picked up the named virus or variant being
    downloaded via one of those OS-mimetic pop-up windows and which requires
    going to task manager and completely nuking the browser to get out of.

    By coincidence, or perhaps not, I have been having persistent port scan
    attacks from the 4.31.x.y netzone since at least the start of September.
    They're a busy little set in that netzone!

    At any rate, is there a proper place for me to report a website deliberately
    virus infecting surfers other than a nonresponsive company and potentially
    nonresponsive abuse email address?
    nullportal, Sep 13, 2004
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