What is the best virus remover to assist others?

Discussion in 'Anti-Virus' started by Patty Amas, Sep 27, 2004.

  1. Patty Amas

    Patty Amas Guest

    After being laid off as a IT manager in the Carolinas for the third
    time I decided to help others on their PC's at home and small
    businesses. I cannot live on the money (with 2 kids) I make but hope
    it grows. In the meantime am looking for a Project Manager and other
    such jobs.

    I have recently receive some calls on removing viruses.

    Not sure what some of the consultants use or Best Buy Geek Squad...

    Besides my usual spyware arsenal of Spybot and Adaware (for spyware)--
    I have TDS-3, Norton AV, Mcafee, and AVG. Also have a few standalone
    programs that assist in specific virus removal.

    The people that call me tell me that when they run their own Norton,
    it will say it could not delete or quarantine a certain file. I just
    refer them to Best Buy for now.

    What is the best (may be a dumb question) virus or trojan remover that
    will get rid of 99% of all viruses without any intervention? People
    tell me that Norton will identify most viruses but sometimes cannot
    quarantine or delete it.

    Also one that is fast, up to date, etc........

    Perhaps I need a bootable CD for this too... (note I am dealing with
    all Window OS')

    I assume there may be many replies and appreciate your help on this. I
    have heard of Kaspersky, Norman, Trend Micro, Bit Defender, etc...

    I know I am asking other PC gurus for advice and I am trying to start
    a business but I appreciate any kind replies.

    Thank you
    Patty Amas, Sep 27, 2004
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  2. Patty Amas

    David Ellis Guest

    One solution is to check the web sites of Symantec, McAfee and others
    for removal tools. Make a CD and use that as a means to clean others
    PCs. The CD need not be bootable but it should be usable for all
    versions of Windows.

    The tools work very well unless the PC is totally trashed then the best
    solution is a wipe, new partitions and reinstall everything. Backups are
    not a good idea unless you can make them with an antivirus running while
    you slelect the files to copy.

    Be sure you read the write ups the various AV vendors post. You can find
    some really useable information there as well as the tools.
    David Ellis, Sep 27, 2004
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  3. Patty Amas

    Peacekeeper Guest

    I would just add that mcaffee I know gives that cannot delete message but
    usually when the file is in teh sytem restore folder. You need to disable
    system restore and rerun the scan then remake a restore point.
    Peacekeeper, Sep 28, 2004
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