What are these mToolkit programs on my Dell laptop (Can I just remove them?)?

Discussion in 'Virus Information' started by lisa harkema, Oct 8, 2006.

  1. lisa harkema

    glee Guest

    Well, I don't have a Dell laptop to check on, so I can't say what, if any,
    functionality or configuration may be affected. Have you contacted Dell Support
    about the issue? Considering how many cleaning utilities may show those hidden and
    unexplained items, it would behoove them to explain what they are and if they are
    required for proper function, and if so, how to reinstall them without restoring the
    whole system.

    What model is the laptop, and how old? It may be that you can use the wireless
    without those items. If they are needed, it may be that you can easily reinstall
    them using the Application CD's that came with the system. Dell Support *should* be
    able to tell you, though you may have to ask the first-tier support person to
    escalate your call to a supervisor.

    It would have been nice if they hadn't hidden the items in the first place, causing
    this kind of confusion. I have an Acer laptop with integrated wireless. Since some
    Acer's use the same wireless adapter as Dell, I am going to run CCleaner on the
    laptop and see if it also shows such entries.

    You can see in this copy of an Acer installation .ini file that the Intel Pro
    wireless adapter installs the items you are seeing (just remove the "m" from the
    beginning of the names and search the page for them):
    glee, Oct 8, 2006
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  2. lisa harkema

    glee Guest

    Unfortunately, my Acer notebook uses a different wireless adapter and does not have
    any of the items you see, either in ARP or in CCleaner's list.

    I still think asking Dell Support might eventually clear up the functions. It
    appears they are utilities rather than actual drivers so there may be no harm in
    deleting them......but with no personal contact with these apps, I can't say.
    glee, Oct 9, 2006
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  3. lisa harkema

    elkfeva Guest

    I didnt use any cleaner programs... i have other ways to see whats on m
    users computers.... its definetly Dell specific software... maybe fo
    just Dell laptops... havent found out what they actually do... lookin
    into it.
    elkfeva, Oct 11, 2006
  4. lisa harkema

    richardz Guest


    As many, i've got the same question.

    Only one difference..

    I don't have any DELL Hardware on my ACER Travelmate laptop. :s

    What I was thinking, wouldn't this be someting of my MDA Vario
    (t-mobile) pocket pc. Where I would guess the M stands for Mobile..

    maybe lisa has a pocket pc too?

    Otherwise .. I only made the question bigger.


    Richard Zondervan
    richardz, Oct 16, 2006
  5. lisa harkema

    elkfeva Guest

    None of my users are running a tmobile pocket pc.. the one that i
    seeing these programs on is running a treo with palm software....

    but im running the same palm software and drivers on my machine and i
    not seeing it....

    today im not seeing it on my users machines.?

    Could it be the wirless NIC software?

    Dell and Acer definetly use some of the same wirless NIC s

    elkfeva, Oct 16, 2006
  6. lisa harkema

    richardz Guest

    I think you're right, after a little more searching it seems that mos
    of the files I can find a register entry for are part of the inte
    software which came with my intel pro 2200 b/g card.

    so maybe we have found what it is afterall.

    maybe there are other's who can verify this.

    richard zondervan
    richardz, Oct 16, 2006
  7. some of them are driver exec script for wifi card. such as DrWifi and SSO
    (signle sign on) there needed in order to configure some network settings
    (unless you work at a tech firm, or want to run windows using a server and
    your computer as a terminal SSO wont mean anything to you)
    run your wireless card (i have pro/wireless) and monitor active networks,
    now, crt + alt + del, and goto processes, click "user name" (sort by user
    name) and check and see if, under your user name, these programs apear? no?
    then thier not open while using utilizing network card.
    check to see if they control any system reasources or comm ports
    if they dont use system resources, **** em chances are you dont need em
    if they use system resources and use a port, chances are, they are indeed
    required as a network resource.

    note: i have a dell, i dont have those files...
    check to see if maybe thier part of media direct? do you have media direct?
    =?Utf-8?B?WGFO?=, Oct 20, 2006
  8. lisa harkema

    Matt Max

    Feb 27, 2007
    Likes Received:
    I did a search for "m" files as well that led me here.
    I've seen these files too and need to know what they are.
    My hardware: HP 6110 laptop, with wireless card, and Verizon Broadband

    After reading all the messages above, I was thinking that they were harmless and no big deal. However I'm tech support for a hospital (meaning very sensitive info) and these files are on the president's laptop, so I really can't take any chances. I must find out their true origin and purpose. So if anyone else has acurate and specific info on these please post. Thanks.
    Matt Max, Feb 27, 2007
  9. lisa harkema


    Mar 17, 2007
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    These are Intel PRO Wireless software components

    These components will be present on any PC with this hardware. Nothing to do with DELL other than the coincidence that your DELL contains this wireless card.

    Some other manifestations you may find:

    - a folder called iprodata on your PC which will probably contain the installation packages (MSI files)

    - a file called iproinst.ini that these packages

    - an Intel folder in Program Files with more related stuff

    It's not a good job by intel to install unnamed packages like this: reeks of shoddy workmanship - but what can you expect, they probably have a lab full of geek students fresh out of college building this stuff, maybe they don't even speak english. Intel can't want us to think they're a proper professional outfit.

    Anyway: if you want a wireless net and don't want to guess what these geeks have built to support it, I suggest you don't touch them. If you don't want a wireless network or want to play guess what the amateurs at Intel are up to, then get removing!
    madfuzu, Mar 17, 2007
  10. lisa harkema


    Sep 3, 2007
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    Im using a Toshiba Satellite M35 (m having nothing to do with the m in the program list)

    Everyone who has these m programs should see what kind of Wireless card they have in their computer. If its an Intel Proset whatever, then these are functionality programs for the Proset series... (I think...)

    Either that, or the line of processors that were put out by intel at one point were called M processors (its the mobile series or something). Either way, if you use wireless a lot, such as myself, dont uninstall these. It will give you a headache for a while
    LyleUppingham, Sep 3, 2007
  11. lisa harkema


    Oct 2, 2007
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    I have a program called MyUninstaller. It's a self executable program (no installation required) that acts as a better Add/Remove programs.

    It also listed a bunch of m*** programs that I was stumped about: mCore mDrWiFi mHlpDell mIWA mIWCA mLogView mMHouse mPfMgr mPfWiz mProSafe mSSO mToolkit mWlsSafe mXML mZConfig

    MyUninstaller gives some information on each program: Entry Name; Product; Company; Description; Installation Date; Installation Folder; Web Site; Uninstall String; Registry Key; Installer; Root Key, etc...

    The m*** all have Intel as the company the same 2005 installation date (the year I originally got my Dell Laptop), and the same website (intel.com). None of them had a product name, description, or listed the installation folder.

    I would post the html table if I knew how.

    My wireless card is a "Intel(R) PRO/Wireless 2200BG Network Connection"

    To me it seems that madfuzu is right, this is just a result of poor intel craftmenship. Why in the world all of these m***'s are different program's instead of one is beyond me (although, it really is beyond me because I don't know how to make computer hardware and drivers/software) but I feel as if these files should be left alone. This sucks because it dirty's my MyUninstaller list, but w/e...

    So I'm thinking the verdict: Any m*** program/file is a byproduct of having [certain] Intel hardware and software and that they should be left alone. They're not crapware, and probabley don't hurt your computer. If you have these programs just forget about them and move on.
    DoLFaN, Oct 2, 2007
  12. lisa harkema


    Nov 13, 2007
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    I just noticed these files too and I've been using CCleaner for a long time. Based on the other replies here I am 99% sure that they appeared after I updated my Intel PROSet/Wireless 2200 b/g card software & drivers to the latest version.
    dkrugman, Nov 13, 2007
  13. lisa harkema


    Feb 22, 2012
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    mToolkit Information

    mToolkit Overview


    mToolkit is a set of convenient tools for testing OSGi-compliant bundles on OSGi Runtimes straight from the Eclipse Workbench. mToolkit's open source and commercial extensions deliver a plenty of powerful capabilities to the development environment of Eclipse related to management, emulation and tailoring of OSGi Runtime images.

    Plug-ins vs Bundles

    The Eclipse environment supports pluggable units called plug-ins. The plug-in platform within Eclipse utilizes the OSGi technology - its core is an OSGi framework running the plug-ins which follow the OSGi bundle model. Across the user help of mToolkit, we'll use both terms, plug-ins and bundles, substitutively.

    Eclipse, its Plug-in Development Environment (PDE) more specifically, offers a rich collection of tools for managing plug-ins (bundles) within the Eclipse IDE. It is recommended to develop a plug-in (bundle) by using an Eclipse plug-in project.

    For more information about plug-ins and bundle in the context of Eclipse, refer to the "Plug-ins and bundles" from the Eclipse-delivered help.
    WilliamBondJ, Feb 22, 2012
  14. lisa harkema


    Oct 30, 2012
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    Hi I have purchased a new lap and in that I installed windows 7.:) For one week there is no problem. After that I have installed windows server in a new drive from that time I am not able to access my files and other thing's in windows 7. So I decided to remove windows server and I have removed it. Even after removing the server also my lap is working very slow. I downloaded speedpcpro tool from cleanallvirus.com website and it showed that the virus is IRMA scam to remove the virus it is saying that i need to purchase the licence.

    Any bady please help me to remove this virus....
    daviss139, Nov 10, 2012
  15. lisa harkema

    Heavy Duty

    Jun 13, 2014
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    m.... files

    These apparently belong to Intel Pro Set WiFi drivers and chip set. Used in a program group called ProData. Found in program files\ Intel Corporation\Intel Processor Diagnostic Tool\IPDT.exe.
    Heavy Duty, Jun 13, 2014
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