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Discussion in 'Anti-Virus' started by Dustin, May 27, 2012.

  1. Dustin

    Dustin Guest

    Hi All.

    As a tech in the trenches, I'm finding few actual viruses present on a
    machine anymore. Some of the newer rootkits are patching executables on an
    infected machine, but that seems to be the extent. Due to poor patching
    practices, a reload is becoming more and more necessary.

    I've run into many trojans (rootkits included), but nothing i'd classify
    as an actual virus anymore.

    Has anyone else experienced these results?
    Dustin, May 27, 2012
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  2. Viruses may come back in the form of ransomware cryptovirology, but not
    while these botnets are so profitable. The reason I think so is mobile
    devices are the new paradigm and people will pay ransom for their data
    being returned. I'm not convinced that mobile devices will be botted for
    their computing power like desktops and laptops are, so we'll probably
    see spyware and ransomware related to them instead.
    FromTheRafters, May 27, 2012
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  3. Dustin

    G. Morgan Guest

    Could you imagine a DDOS attack launched from 50% + of mobile
    phones worldwide one day? That would be something to behold.
    G. Morgan, May 27, 2012
  4. Dustin

    Shadow Guest

    The only true self-replicating, executable injecting progs I
    find are on my old backups. Have not seen one in the wild in years.
    I guess no-one writes in assembler anymore. (I know, there are
    viruses written in other languages, but not very frequent)
    Shadow, May 27, 2012
  5. Dustin

    kurt wismer Guest

    yep, lots of people. even the vendors are reporting that actual
    viruses are now a minority in the threat landscape. that is, when you
    can find a vendor who still uses the word properly.

    i'm sure a reload is becoming more and more necessary for those who
    are unprepared for compromises, but i'm equally sure that there are
    preparations you can make that make a reload unnecessary. of course, i
    don't suppose you run into people who are prepared very often in your
    line of work.
    kurt wismer, May 27, 2012
  6. Dustin

    Dustin Guest

    It would likely take a pile of cell phones to generate enough bandwidth
    for a marginally succesful DDOs against something without the benefit of
    a fat pipe. You gotta keep in mind how slow the cell phone really is.
    Dustin, May 28, 2012
  7. Dustin

    Dustin Guest

    Sadly, I don't. The reloading wouldn't normally be necessary except that
    critical system files seem to be patched (and damaged usually in the
    process) leaving no choice. You could manually extract them one by one
    from the cd-rom/dvd, but then you'll have mismatched dll/sys file versions
    which will cause stability issues down the road. Mismatched due to windows
    updates and 3rd party addons.

    This is before you take into consideration the user may not have ever made
    recovery discs (and depending on how there setup, you can't extract
    replacement files) or have any discs to any of the software installed on
    the machine, serial numbers, keys etc.

    A job that used to be quick and easy can how be several hours in time due
    to system reloading,locating media, etc.
    Dustin, May 28, 2012
  8. Dustin

    boris Guest

    multi-av is a great tool! it helped me clean out a lot of malware but
    not everything. some serious problems remain and I don't know how to
    fix them: 1) one of my user profiles is not loading, 2) my network is
    gone (I cannot see other computers and devices); 3) I cannot connect
    to the wireless/network printer. Could anyone offer a solution, please?
    boris, Jun 4, 2012
  9. Dustin

    boris Guest

    Thanks for responding to my distress call.

    Acer Veritron M460, Windows Vista Business, Service pack 2. IP

    This bug is now blocking my Net access. I'm thinking of wiping the HD
    clean and reinstalling the OS.
    boris, Jun 5, 2012
  10. Dustin

    boris Guest

    I don't understand. You asked me questions and I think I answered
    them. What other data do you need?
    boris, Jun 5, 2012
  11. Dustin

    G. Morgan Guest

    A 4G phone is pretty fast, concentrate your attack to millions of
    (even 3G) phones locking out the l00ser and DoS the shit out of a
    target. That wireless network has a fatter pipe then you lead on.
    G. Morgan, Jun 5, 2012
  12. Dustin

    Shadow Guest

    I agree with David. Not enough.

    So, what happens ?
    For example, can you ping


    Can you ping your probable router address ?

    Can you ping yourself ?

    It might just be a hardware problem. Or a corrupted
    firewall/network configuration.
    Best thing in these situations is not to panic.
    Shadow, Jun 5, 2012
  13. Dustin

    Dustin Guest

    well.. millions of anything no matter how small or large is bound to
    bring down the target.. That's almost a given.

    Considering 4g doesn't actually exist (I know, you have a device that
    claims to be 4g and your service provider just hooked you up.. Guess
    what? You're a chump!) how many megabytes can you push per second on
    one? I ask this because your typical charter cable modem can easily
    gobble 10+ megabytes per second and not choke. All day long...

    In some totally fiber optic neighborhoods it's even more.

    And that's nothing compared to something that runs sites like google,
    facebook or, thats just a home based connection. The business
    class can carry 30megabytes or more now. And that's in this ass
    backwoods city.

    That's likely why it would take so many cell phones to hit a large
    target with any expectation of real damage. A few kilobytes from one
    phone isn't even going to raise an alarm. [g]
    Dustin, Jun 6, 2012
  14. Dustin

    Dustin Guest

    I'm sure it will be when it actually comes into existance. right now, it
    seems to be a 3g on steroids.

    Either way, your point about many hitting the same target stands perfectly
    well. You will succeed in a DDOS. Only due to sheer power in numbers. :)
    Dustin, Jun 6, 2012
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