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Discussion in 'Security Software' started by ccl4, Dec 9, 2003.

  1. ccl4

    ccl4 Guest

    Sorry wrong e-mail on previous posting.
    Unfortunately ! an instant access internet connection is
    on child's computer. This of course accesses undesirable
    area of internet I think. Child denies regular use but
    telephone bill says otherwise. He has always complained
    that when he puts on music to play via windows media
    player that the computer connects to the internet - I
    presume searching for info on artists etc. Could this
    search by the media player be accessing the internet via
    the premium line rate rather than local rate ?
    Child says that the unacceptable site does not appear nor
    does warning about premium rate. There is a firewall
    installed !
    I have little understanding of this process and would
    appreciate any help. I reaslise of course that he could
    have just been accessing undesirable sites straight off
    but his limited admissions and furtehr denials are
    convinving. He is down as accessing at times when others
    are in the house. You want to believe your child !
    ccl4, Dec 9, 2003
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