Unable to "Delete ActiveX conrol" in IE. Button is greyed out.

Discussion in 'Virus Information' started by Lok Nath, Apr 22, 2007.

  1. Lok Nath

    Lok Nath Guest

    In IE I am unable to delete ActiveX controls. The button is Greyed out. Can a
    virus do that? Why am I unable to delete ActivieX controls. I have a bunch
    for whom there is no publisher or the publisher is not verified. I'd like to
    delete them and I can't. Any ideas?

    FWIIW, the Addons are:
    Name = QuickTime Object, File = Qtplugin.ocx, publisher = Apple but
    unverified; QuickTimeCheck.OCX from Apple but unverfied;
    Name = Microsoft.Mappoint.Mapcontrol... , file = mscoree.dll, publisher is
    not named;
    Name = Real Player G2 control, file = rmoc3260.dll, Publisher = Real
    Networks (unverified);
    Name=PSFactory Buffer file = symcon~.dll publisher = blank;
    Name = MetaStreamCtl, file = AxMetaStream.dll, pblisher = Viewpoint not
    Name = MSN Photo Upoad tool, file = MsnPUpld.dll, publisher = Microsoft, not

    Anyone know if any of there are known to be legit or non-legti, or are
    suppose to be signed and verified, etc?
    Lok Nath, Apr 22, 2007
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