Unable to access officews shared folder with remote access VPN

Discussion in 'Security Software' started by Yossi Mor, Jul 5, 2005.

  1. Yossi Mor

    Yossi Mor Guest

    Hi forum,

    In the office i have implemented smart card interactive logon and applied it
    in the domain policy.

    When the user is in the office there is no access problem with smartcard
    authentication to the shared folders which reside on the domain controller

    However when the laptop is not connectted to the domain but only to the
    internal network via remote access VPN i failed to access them. I am asked to
    enter the smartcart pin for auhentication but it does not work.

    In offline the user logs with its smartcard based on cached credentials.

    How can i resolve the issue?

    Kindly regards

    Yossi Mor
    Yossi Mor, Jul 5, 2005
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