Trying to get rid of spyware

Discussion in 'Virus Information' started by flamin, Jun 19, 2004.

  1. flamin

    flamin Guest

    I followed the instructions on http://www.mac-, but I could not find the
    mshelper_beta file. After completing all instructions
    given apart from the mshelper_beta deletion, i am still
    redirected to whenever i use the address
    bar. How can I get rid of this? Do i need to get rid of
    the backups I have of the deleted files?

    Any help would be much appreciated.
    flamin, Jun 19, 2004
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  2. flamin

    Chuck Guest

    Browser hijacks are best handled with CWShredder, HijackThis, and expert advice
    with the HJT log.

    First, download LSP-Fix and WinsockXPFIx from <>,
    and CWShredder from <>. All are

    Next, close all Internet Explorer and Outlook windows, then run CWShredder.
    Have it fix all.

    Now check for, and remove, spyware. Get HijackThis
    <> and Spybot S&D
    <>. Both free.
    1) Install and run Spybot. First update it ("Search for updates"), then run a
    scan ("Check for problems"). Trust Spybot, and make all recommended deletions.
    2) Install and run HijackThis. Do NOT make any changes immediately. Save the
    HJT Log. <>
    3) Have your HJT log interpreted by experts at one or more of the following
    forums (and post it, or a link to your forum post, here):

    If removal of any spyware affects your ability to access the internet (some
    spyware builds itself into the network software, and its removal may damage your
    network), run LSP-Fix and / or WinsockXPFIx.

    Paranoia comes from experience - and is not necessarily a bad thing.
    Chuck, Jun 19, 2004
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