The most powerful computer security tool

Discussion in 'Virus Information' started by 00000000000000, Aug 22, 2006.

  1. DiskNumen:

    DiskNumen, the most powerful computer security tool, will make
    everything intact after your reboot even if there are Virus, Hacker,Rascal
    software, error operation or even your purposive breakage.
    Your computer can be prevented from any attack by DiskNumen through
    the way of solidifying disk into CD.

    Have you ever been anguished by these problems:

    * Virus software destroy the computer system, leading to the resetting
    of the system and the decline of the computer running speed;

    * Once the rascal software interrupt you ,it will exhaust your
    resources ,besides,the pop-up dialog boxes make you feel disgusted;

    * The hacker software always hide behind you wondering steal sth from

    * System malfunctions appear frequently due to the mistaken operation
    of the employees;

    * Hidden troubles brought by the unauthorized software installation of
    the employees;

    * No place to store the top-secret files makes you feel upset;

    * Large quantities of future troubles turn up resulting the deletion of
    the top-secret files.


    Want to get rid of the attack of the virus, hacker and rascal
    software? Want to store your top-secret files in a safe place? Want to break
    away from all the problems above? Why not try FirmlySoft?

    FirmlySoft , the Disk Numen , is a copied file protector . It does the
    security work of the file and the operating system through the methods

    1. Solidified Partition : It is to divided and solidify the designated
    HD into partitions just like CD . It is temporary for you to do any
    operation to the partitions that is solidified , and it will resume
    immediately after you turn off the computer .

    2. Opened Folders : This function is relative to the Solidified
    Partition . We often use some catalogues of the Solidified Partition , such
    as My Document and the Desktop , which are required to be revised and
    reserved . To this kind of catalogues, you can set them as the Opened Folder
    , that is to say you can succeed in revising and reserving the catalogues
    but not affecting your using habit .

    3. File Lockfast : It is a perfect place to reserve your top-secret
    files , without the password no one can scan your files

    4. Folder Lock: Since the space of the File Lockfast is limited , to the
    common files , it is secure to add a lock to your folder.
    00000000000000, Aug 22, 2006
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