taskmgr.exe cannot be found and programs wont open properly.

Discussion in 'Dealing with Spyware' started by Swepty, Apr 8, 2011.

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    Apr 8, 2011
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    When using firefox the window closed itself and was replaced with a window saying Vista Spyware Protection and that I had 29 threats, i thought this was malware so tryed opening AVG to run a scan and nothing happened. Tryed to open firefox with the same result and then tryed to open task manager with the same result, I opened task manager by searching for taskmgr.exe from the vista start menu and then ran as admin.

    There was a program called xkm.exe and it had the same description. I ended the process, tryed running a program and the Vista Spyware protection opened up again, so i tryed deleting it, which i didnt have permission to. So i renamed the file and deleted it and then tryed opening AVG again which when i open wants me to select a program to open it with, so i ran the program as admin and it opened, ran a scan and found 6 files infected with Adware and then removed them.

    The message has stopped popping up but when trying to open a program it still wants me to pick a program to open it with and when i right-click the toolbar and click Task Manager it says " C:\Windows\system32\taskmgr.exe Application not found" except i can still open it but only if i find in the system 32 folder.

    SO! long story short, am i still infected? and how do i fix this? also if i done something that I shouldn't have done please tell me!
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    Swepty, Apr 8, 2011
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