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Discussion in 'Security Software' started by Jo-Anne, Nov 9, 2010.

  1. Jo-Anne

    Jo-Anne Guest

    Today, after a couple weeks of weird happenings with my main computer
    (WinXP), I lost my internet connection. I have a wireless router, but this
    computer is directly connected to it and the modem. Suddenly I'm told that
    there's a nearby wireless connection and asked if I would like to connect.
    Since that appears to be the only way I'll get onto the internet, I try--but
    it won't connect. I'm typing this at my netbook, which is wirelessly
    connected to the router, and it works fine.

    The other symptoms I've had lately are missing icon names on the desktop,
    missing panels in Outlook Express, and other things of that kind. When the
    icon names go missing, I can do nothing. I can't get into any of my
    programs. I restart the computer, and all appears to be well...except that
    today I can't get onto the internet.

    Twice I've updated the following programs and done a scan: Avira AntiVir,
    SuperAntiSpyware, and Malwarebytes. None of them show any problem.

    I have HiJackThis on both computers. Today I downloaded the latest version
    from Filehippo on my netbook. I was going to install it from a memory stick
    on my main computer, but it looks like that computer already has the latest

    Does this seem like the best approach for now? What else can I do? Is there
    any chance this could be something other than malware?

    Thank you!

    Jo-Anne, Nov 9, 2010
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