Spyware, spyware, spyware, spyware, spyware, spyware, spyware, spyware, spyware

Discussion in 'Security Software' started by Spyware Hater, Apr 26, 2004.

  1. I come here periodically to read up on security. It seems
    spyware posts are becoming the norm now! I use to see only
    questions regarding viruses, but now it seems this spyware
    thing is the newest "epidemic" to hit PC users!!!

    Here's hoping a law is passed very, very soon to help
    combat this annoying, invasive, and time-consuming problem.
    Spyware Hater, Apr 26, 2004
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  2. Unfortunately the Spyware posts are not new, just the number of users
    finding out that they have spyware and coming here to ask about it.

    It is becoming more of an epidemic merely because more people are trying to
    use their computers and more people are trying to take advantage of the
    increased number of people.

    Spam is the same way - getting worse.

    The problem is that you don't have any way of actually (as you say) passing
    a law that will stick - considering the Internet is worldwide - who
    passes/enforces said law?
    Shenan Stanley, Apr 26, 2004
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  3. Here's hoping that prosecutors discover that spyware can be prosecuted under
    existing "thou shalt not trespass on thy neighbour's computer" laws.

    Spyware is far more deceitful than many of the "you may have won a $million"
    scams that the FTC goes after. It's possible that it simply will take the
    participation of a few AGs in various states to kill it. Try writing to
    your local equivalent.


    [Please don't email posters, if a Usenet response is appropriate.]
    Alun Jones [MS MVP], Apr 27, 2004
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