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Discussion in 'Virus Information' started by Terry Pinnell, Oct 7, 2004.

  1. I've just updated my version of Spybot from 1.2 to 1.3, and have a
    couple of queries for more experienced users of this handy tool

    On the page 'Info & License', what does this mean:
    'No detection updates installed.'

    As far as I know, I've updated everything I can get my hands on...

    On same subject, what exactly is the procedure for ensuring I'm up to
    date with definitions please? Can it be made automatic? Does it depend
    whether I start in Easy or Advanced mode?

    Also, in the results, if I r-click and choose More Details and Jump to
    Location - nothing happens.
    Terry Pinnell, Oct 7, 2004
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  2. Terry Pinnell

    Br0wnbear Guest


    1. It just needs a shake, did you immunize also?

    2. Yes it can check for updates. Using the advanced mode. Go to
    settings and then settings. You can see what the product can do from
    there. I manually update. I have been watching progress bars for 20
    years or more so I like watching them run across the screen.

    3. Based upon one you may want to uninstall and reinstall and see if
    that corrects 1 and 3.
    John Brown
    Bears are always happy, we get to hibern8
    Br0wnbear, Oct 7, 2004
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  3. Thanks John, appreciate the fast response.

    BTW, I did immunize (didn't hurt a bit).
    Terry Pinnell, Oct 7, 2004
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