SP2, Norton, and August 2004

Discussion in 'Security Software' started by Felix Oscar, Jul 20, 2004.

  1. Felix Oscar

    Felix Oscar Guest

    This article talks about the August SP2 and Norton updates:


    What if you never load the SP2? I have been loading the patches for a
    year now. There are risks in installing SP2. I'm sure Microsoft will
    just advise everyone to load SP2.

    Do you know what and when the update to Norton will be? The article
    just says August.
    Felix Oscar, Jul 20, 2004
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  2. What:

    Existing Norton Antivirus works fine with pre-release versions of SP2,
    only issue is that the new "Security Center" that SP2 installs reports
    "Status unknown" for it, but that does not mean that NAV does not work.
    So the update needed from Norton is the stub needed for the interface
    to Security Center to relay the status information from Norton to
    Security Center.


    There is no fixed date for the release of SP2 yet, but most likely it
    will be in August sometimes. Symantec (Norton) will wait for SP2 to be
    released before releasing it's own updates, that I am pretty sure of.
    Torgeir Bakken \(MVP\), Jul 20, 2004
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  3. Am I reading these reports wrong? A SP2 for XP?

    What happened to protecting Windows 2000 users? Have we
    been left out to dry?

    Is there going to be a SP5 for Windows 2000 coming up with
    the hyped-up firewall being automatically turned on that
    XP users are getting as part of their SP2?
    concerned Windows user, Jul 20, 2004
  4. Hi

    No plans for this at the moment as far as I know...
    Torgeir Bakken \(MVP\), Jul 20, 2004
  5. Felix Oscar

    *Vanguard* Guest

    Windows 2000 came with an included firewall? And which could then be
    updated by a subsequent patch or service pack? How do you update
    something that doesn't exist?

    Mainstream support for Windows 2000 ends in a year. After that, you pay
    royally for extended support. Don't be surprised if Microsoft doesn't
    dump a ton of resources in a 5-year product that is in its last year of
    support. They'll come out with the Windows XP SP-2 update and maybe
    some of what is compatible with it will filter down to Windows 2000 as a
    subsequent update.
    *Vanguard*, Jul 20, 2004
  6. True, Windows 2000 doesn't come with firewall. SP5 would
    be nice, anyway. (It's up to SP4 now.)

    What source are you using to say that mainstream support
    for Windows 2K ends in a year? Please give the source. If
    what you say is true, I guess updates via
    windowsupdate.com will dry up for Windows 2K users. :(
    concerned Windows user, Jul 20, 2004
  7. Hi


    Product Name: Windows 2000 Professional

    General Availability Date: 31-Mar-2000
    Mainstream Support Retired: 30-Jun-2005
    Extended Support Retired: 30-Jun-2010

    The same goes for Windows 2000 Server and Windows 2000
    Advanced Server
    Torgeir Bakken \(MVP\), Jul 20, 2004
  8. Felix Oscar

    *Vanguard* Guest

    I did a search on "product lifecycle" at http://search.microsoft.com/
    and selected the first article found
    lifecycle). Then, in my case, I selected the USA. This shows the
    general lifecycle period for Microsoft products. For a particular
    product, click on the link "Locate Your Product" and select the
    "Windows" link.

    But you don't need the web page mentioned. Mainstream support is 5
    years. There is a reason why Windows 2000 was so named. Visit
    http://www.computerhope.com/history/windows.htm and notice when Windows
    "2000" was released.
    *Vanguard*, Jul 21, 2004
  9. I have ZoneAlarm firewall already, troll. Would you like
    my foot up your a$$ with your sarcasm?
    concerned Windows user, Jul 22, 2004
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