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    This looks interesting...


    [---] The Social-Engineer Toolkit (SET) [---]
    [---] Written by David Kennedy (ReL1K) [---]
    [---] Version: 0.7 [---]
    [---] Codename: 'Swagger Wagon' [---]
    [---] Report bugs to: [---]
    [---] Java Applet Written by: Thomas Werth [---]
    [---] Homepage: [---]
    [---] Framework: [---]
    [---] Over 1 million downloads and counting. [---]

    Welcome to the Social-Engineer Toolkit (SET). Your one
    stop shop for all of your social-engineering needs..

    Follow me on Twitter: dave_rel1k

    DerbyCon 2011 Sep29-Oct02 - A new era begins... - #DerbyCon -

    Select from the menu:

    1. Spear-Phishing Attack Vectors
    2. Website Attack Vectors
    3. Infectious Media Generator
    4. Create a Payload and Listener
    5. Mass Mailer Attack
    6. Teensy USB HID Attack Vector
    7 Update the Metasploit Framework
    8. Update the Social-Engineer Toolkit
    9. Help, Credits, and About
    10. Exit the Social-Engineer Toolkit
    Virus Guy, Jan 29, 2012
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