Run vbscripts on Win7 Home Premium

Discussion in 'Computer Security' started by Adam Sandler, Feb 6, 2010.

  1. Adam Sandler

    Adam Sandler Guest


    I'm having a problem running a vbscript on Windows 7 Home Premium. I
    want to start a service which is set to manual by default. For an
    example of such a script, I used what can be found in the TechNet's
    Script Center repository.

    At any rate, the script is failing with a permissions error. I have
    given the user full control (and shouldn't full control mean execute?)
    and it still fails. I suspect there is another setting somewhere
    preventing this script from running. However, since this is Home
    Premium, I don't have something like gpedit.msc.

    How can I run a vbscript to start (or stop) as service on Windows 7
    Home Premium?

    Adam Sandler, Feb 6, 2010
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  2. It's because of the user account control (UAC). Either disable UAC (not
    recommended) or run the script from an elevated command promt.

    Andrei Ungureanu, Feb 6, 2010
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