Reflections On The History Of A Sociopathic Personality

Discussion in 'Virus Information' started by Dave U. Random, Jun 3, 2010.

  1. Since I've been doing this Raid/Dustin Cook "research", what
    confounds me and angers me greatly was the hot shots of the AV
    industry who used to converse with this piece of shit known as
    Raid/Dustin Cook. Each and every time the showed what an
    pathetic wanker he was. He wrote his viruses in BASIC, but tried
    conning everyone that it was because it was good enough to do
    what needed to be done. It was proven over and over in
    "discussions" with real software writers what an ignorant jerk
    Raid/Dustin Cook was. 4Q, Cluely, Wismer, et al, handed him his
    ass, but his sociopathic ego and the tricks it knows to
    perpetuate its charade of knowledge just kept typing crap,
    usually attacks, disingenuously shifting the subject to one of
    placing the others on defense with his personal attacks and
    forcing them to explain their knowledge instead of his.

    Unfortunately, it usually worked. For the life of me I cannot
    understand how such a group of "experts" could be enticed over
    and over again into ludicrous conversations with this pretender
    who knows little if anything above BASIC. It was as if these
    well-thought-of someones really thought Raid/Dustin Cook gave a
    damn about the truth or factual information. Instead of
    knowledge, he simply perpetuated a persona, a pretense of bluff
    bravura, consisting of boldface lying and deliberate evasion. I
    cannot help but thinking these men gullible and thoughtless in
    regard to the seeming legitimacy they gave to this fraud in the
    eyes of the less knowledgeable. They did the groups a disservice
    even admitting his presence.
    Dave U. Random, Jun 3, 2010
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