Re: So you want to know about KM? :)

Discussion in 'Anti-Virus' started by Rebecca, Nov 18, 2005.

  1. Rebecca

    Rebecca Guest

    What's your point?
    Aw. Poor baby.
    Yet, you can't post any proof of that. It's especially clear that you are
    NOTHING when one does look at the links you provide because none of them
    credits you with shit.
    Bet me. We've already put you into the "Worthless braggart" bin.
    You started the whole thing. You needed to be put in your place, we did.

    BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! *WHO* has been completely humiliated?
    Good! Hurry it up.
    Again, nothing backs you up with that claim. I think you're lying once

    One last time dustbin, NO ONE CARES!
    Oh, "their [sic] will be hell to pay." BWAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!
    You impotent little turd, you are a joke.
    Yes. How many times do you need to see it? You, and your imaginary friends
    are incompetent.

    Are you counting Chickens already?
    Don't see them defending you, nor trying to help you. I believe you sneck
    that group because you don't want them laughing at you even more than they
    do now. [group added]

    Just what do you think you can do? YOU ARE IMPOTENT. Deal with it.
    ....and that stunt is the beginning of your downfall. You had better hurry
    and die.
    So, you finally got a descriptive sig.
    Rebecca, Nov 18, 2005
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  2. Rebecca

    Rebecca Guest

    Damn, John. My bad attrib.
    Rebecca, Nov 18, 2005
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  3. Rebecca

    Gremlin Guest

    I already have. How many people from alt.comp.virus need to vouch for
    me before it sinks into your thick skull?
    Put me in my place? Shiat.
    Hmm... I don't know.

    In due time Rebecca, in due time.
    As you wish. I've provided all the evidence I could think of. I don't
    know what else I can give you to prove I am who I claim to be. If you
    don't believe antivirus experts, you won't believe anybody.

    impotent? No, mam, hardly. See, I still have a dick, and mine works
    fine. I can take a shit out my ass too, not in a bag. KM is the
    impotent manless one here.

    How do you think I got KM's employement information so quick? You think
    I'm doing this all on my own? Not hardly.
    Really now.
    Gremlin, Nov 18, 2005
  4. Rebecca

    John Henry Guest

    DUSTIN COOK (D) 07/17/2002 STATE vs DUSTIN COOK 03/28/2003

    Whadja get busted for, Dustin?

    Whaddaya think the chances are someone here has LEXIS/NEXIS access and can
    find out?
    John Henry, Nov 18, 2005
  5. Rebecca

    John Henry Guest

    I find it funny that you keep trying in light of the fact that I've told
    you repeatedly that I DO NOT CARE.
    Too big a chickenshit to fight your own battles, too. Figures a guy who
    can't even admit that he doesn't know as much as he'd like to think has to
    call in his buddies to cover his ass when his mouth gets him in trouble.

    Problem is your buddies can't help.
    John Henry, Nov 18, 2005
  6. Rebecca

    Gremlin Guest

    Can't you find out John? :) I'm thinking the date might be a little
    off. It was a few years ago. It's possible that's me.
    Easy enough. I already told alt.comp.virus what I got busted for, years
    ago. Are you sure you want to expose your NEXIS friend? You already
    told me how to find you. Abusing LEXIS access isn't an easy thing to
    get away with these days. Are you sure you wanna go that route? See,
    the thing with that network, it logs who signed in and looked up
    various records. That makes it easy for someone like me to find out who
    it was, and probably have them removed from their job, for abuse. Not
    to mention the criminal lawsuit potential. Are you SURE this is such a
    smart idea John?
    Gremlin, Nov 18, 2005
  7. Rebecca

    Gremlin Guest

    Wait a minute John. I thought you said I didn't know any bikers.
    Checked that out that fast? your changing your tune on me.. why is that
    John? Don't you want to settle up IRL?

    you'd be surprised how many low-lifes I know IRL. Very surprised. :)

    Didn't somebody once say, it's not what you know, it's who? Oh yes..
    yes they did.
    Awe but John, you made an error; You told me how to find you. So yes,
    they can help. You even told us how far from NC you are, not too bright

    So... Do we want to keep playing cat and mouse online, or do you want
    to meet in person? Or.. option 3, we both leave one another alone. I
    won't leave KM alone, but I'll leave you be.

    If you don't wish to settle this in that form and you want to play
    games, perhaps I can ask my uncles to come see you and your family. Do
    you think NEXIS can help you then? Better have them check on my claim
    of knowing an uncle in prison for murder here in TN, soon. NEXIS can be
    your friend John, use it wisely. Understand who I am, who I'm related
    too, who I know, then decide if it's worth it to you. Your choice.
    Gremlin, Nov 18, 2005
  8. Rebecca

    John Henry Guest

    Don't care that much, I'm just curious as to what boneheaded thing you
    pulled and got slapped for that time. Seems to be a hobby of yours.
    I doubt it, it's direct from the court record.
    Who said I have one?
    Yes, yes I did. I'd think that would tell you something.
    Yes, I know. Among many things I've done in the past, a stint at GECMC
    setting up computers with L/N access was among them.

    If I were a two-bit shitheel like you, I'd simply look it up myself using
    one of the dozens of login combos that I had at my fingertips, but I'm
    The only thing easy for someone like you is making a continual fool of
    Why wouldn't it be?
    John Henry, Nov 18, 2005
  9. Rebecca

    Rebecca Guest

    Rebecca, Nov 18, 2005
  10. Rebecca

    John Henry Guest

    No I'm not - I just think it's funny that you can't handle yourself in
    any situation, real life or online, without either trying to bullshit
    your way through it or calling other people to get you out of the shit
    you create with your own mouth. Whether they exist or not makes no
    difference to me in the least; the fact that you'd attempt to invoke them
    at all says all that I need to know about you.
    *shrug* sure, just don't know when I'd be able to get to Kingsport, and I
    know damned well you don't have the sac to come to me.
    Would you like me to give you directions?
    I could give a shit what you do. If you feel like sacrificing the lives
    of your legion of nonexistent friends over the simple fact that you're
    too goddamned stupid to accept the fact that you're goddamned stupid, go
    right ahead.
    You do that. I'll be right there waiting.

    Fastest way to get there from Kingsport - where I have spent many a
    summer fishing and many a summer's night patronizing the local watering
    holes - is via I-40 for speed, but if they're not in a hurry take 11W to
    81 to US58, and then take 58 to 501 in South Boston, VA. Take 501 south
    to state highway 96 (watch it, it'll sorta sneak up on you). Follow that
    about 10 miles east. Go *through* Virgilina and beyond a couple of miles
    to SR737 (Beech Creek Rd). Take the first left (still BCR) to the first
    crossroads, which is right on the NC/VA state line. Take a right and
    you're now on Cornwall Rd. Follow it south about 6 miles. You'll see
    the old store building that sits on my property as you come around the
    curve just past Davis Chapel, right on the corner of Cornwall and Jonnie
    Daniel roads. The Cornwall VFD is right across the street from the
    house. Look for a couple of smallish boats, a blue '97 Neon, and a '93
    grand marquis. The front door is the slider on the north side of the
    house, facing the store building.

    Of course if you're in a hurry 40 is faster (40 to 85 to NC96, 96 north
    to oxford, take the 158 loop around to 96 going out of Oxford, right on
    Cornwall, look for the store across from the VFD, about 7 miles up), but
    it's a REAL pretty drive across 58 this time of year.

    When you get there, your big bad friends will be confronted by the
    following (somewhat dependent on time of day):

    My asthmatic, arthritic 63 year old mother.
    My 16 year old daughter.

    So if you bring, say, 10 or 15 guys...that'll be fair enough odds for me.
    C'mon down, dude. Of course if there's more, I can't promise I'll fight

    Now, if you come during normal business hours, you'll have to come on
    down to my office in Creedmoor. Let me know if that's your plan, and
    I'll give you the address and directions there.
    I don't care who you are, who you know, or who your uncle has killed.
    You don't frighten me in the least.
    John Henry, Nov 18, 2005
  11. Rebecca

    Dustin Cook Guest

    John, I've only had a run-in with the law once. And it was over a
    traffic stop. I was driving on a revoked license that I didn't know was
    revoked; that I'm sure you read was fixed. I didn't pull any time over
    it. I got probation. :) So much for a hobby, eh?

    You don't need to access NEXIS to find this out, I mentioned it years
    ago on alt.comp.virus. Your just lazy. :)
    As I said, it was a few years ago.
    So your the one with the access then? And your admitting your using it
    without permission here of all places? Dude, that's offly bright. I've
    only been playing with public knowledge; You want to involve private
    databases where real crimes can be commited for accessing them? That's
    very smart of you.

    I'm intentionally only publishing public knowledge, because I know the
    laws regarding private database acces and the assinine new cybercrime
    laws. See, I don't intend to get jailtime messing with KM. I wrongly
    assumed I suppose that you knew better. Public knowledge is one
    thing... accessing private databases and then admitting it? That's very
    stupid. Even admitting virus writing wouldn't get me jailtime. But
    fucking around with NEXIS and then publishing the information would
    open me upto lawsuits, and prison time. Hacking laws are a bitch man.

    I was under the impression you knew this... And knew why I wasn't
    publishing private information. Surely your not really that stupid?
    It tells me that your not as smart as I had originally thought.
    You shouldn't tell me who you are and then admit you have unuathorized
    access to law enforcement records. I could be a real dick and ask the
    police here about it, but i'm not going that route. I'll deal with you
    on public knowledge, nothing even close to illegal.

    BTw John, that was title-40; so you've already left your mark on a
    private database.
    And keeping login details? So not only do you admit to it, you admit
    you can't be trusted with the information that network entrusted to
    you. That speaks volumes of your person IRL. doesn't it.
    So you admit again that you have unauthorized access to a private crime
    network designed for law enforcement personel? That's very stupid of
    you John.
    You even told us who you worked for at the time... Very stupid. Now
    perhaps you are worth a closer look.
    Nah. Like I said, you've already admitted to it. Not bright, not bright
    at all. You can't find public records on me John? Your quiet sad.
    (a) you told me who you are, where you live and (b) that you maintain
    unauthorized access to a law enforcement database. Did you not give
    that any consideration?

    Or maybe you have considered that.. Why is KM unable to fight for
    himself? Why risk your ass for him?

    Dustin Cook
    Dustin Cook, Nov 18, 2005
  12. Rebecca

    Dustin Cook Guest

    I'm handling myself well thanks. I left this alone for days. Some other
    posters start making posts, and KM assume they are me. I've never tried
    to forge my headers here..
    Don't be so sure, you don't live as far as I thought. I've been to your
    town last year helping a friend move. I'm in no rush. I've invited you
    for a game of pool. Whether we part as friends or not is entirely upto
    you. As I said John, don't start no shit and there won't be no shit.
    huh? John, I really don't think you've thought this thru. I'm not
    threatening you, sir. I'm telling you how it is, and how things can be
    settled. on terms you understand.
    Ready to call 911 no doubt.
    Your mom has nothing to do with this.
    Your daughter doesn't either. I don't harm kids. And nor would my
    Your a different story.
    I don't think I'd need 10 or 15 people to introduce you too. 1 or 2
    should suffice.
    A smart man would want to know his enemy before inviting him to his
    home. I never accused you of being smart tho. :)
    Dustin Cook, Nov 18, 2005
  13. Rebecca

    John Henry Guest

    Yo, Dustin Cook, I dug her rap! Mah mama din raise no dummehs!
    There's a rule among rasslin' fans: If it happens on TV, it's a work.

    There's a corollary on Usenet: If someone admits what they did without
    being forced to, they're lying.

    Uhhhh...sure! Whatever you wanna believe, dude!
    Yeah, I sure am! Call the FBI!
    And you're reading WAY, WAY more into this than there actually is, which
    is pretty typical of you.
    Feel free to point out - excluding the above - where I said I'd done any
    such thing. Once again, it is demonstrated that you *can not read.*
    Good thing I'm not a hacker then, ain't it.
    Please feel free to point out where I published private information.
    That's because you're a fucking dumbass. It *should* tell you that I
    could give a flying rat's ass less if you can find me, because even if
    *everything* else you've said is true, you aren't suicidal or ignorant
    enough to show up at my house or anywhere else.

    And on the off chance that I'm wrong, hey wtf, I need fertilizer for the
    flowerbeds anyway.
    That's probably why I didn't, dipshit, but I'm sure getting a good laugh
    out of you first jumping to an unsupported conclusion and then creating an
    entire little fantasy world around it.
    How could I have done that when I didn't access a private database?
    I never said that. Note the use of the past tense below.
    Well, it would if the entire thing had any relation to reality.
    LN is not 'designed for law enforcement personnel. General Electric
    Capital Mortgage Company is not a law enforcement agency. I also never
    said or even suggested that I had access to it. However, watching you
    work yourself into a great white froth over this little fantasy you've
    constructed is giving me a huge laugh.

    Gonna have your third cousin Hannibal Lecter come and bite my nose off now
    because you've made a damn fool of yourself again?
    Keep on looking. Look all you want. Let me save you the trouble: I'm
    also making payments on an old child support bill in Michigan that I once
    nearly got sent to jail for missing (clerical error; I had no idea that
    there was a payment ordered until I got the notice to show up in court
    for it).
    Admitted to what?
    And you can't spell.
    Yes, except I never told you (b). You have a reading problem. Would you
    like to explain it all to you? Here:

    I *had* login information for LN because it was part of a system-wide
    upgrade process that I took part in. Part of that was re-installing a
    TN3270 session (maybe? ****, it was 7 years ago. I just know it wasn't
    web-based and it seems like I was using Citrix) that connected to LN.
    There were roughly 450 people whose computers I had to configure for LN
    access, and that included (through some boneheaded move somewhere, not
    mine) setting up and testing their LN connections. Ergo, I *had* - note
    that past tense again! - login information for about 200 people.

    You also blew right past the "if" - "If" I was a shithead like you, I
    might do something like that. Or I might do something like write viruses
    that destroy data and cost millions of dollars for companies to repair
    and prevent. But I'm NOT a shithead like you, so I *don't*. Are you
    catching on yet, or should I type slower?

    I don't even know how I would access LN if I *did* have logins for
    it...and I worked at GE in 1998, it's a pretty f'n slim chance that if I
    had saved login information - which I didn't - it would be long ago
    useless. I know they put up a web interface around 99, 2K, but I've never
    once even looked at it.

    Furthermore, if I *had* done something like that, I a) wouldn't be talking
    about it, b) wouldn't post the information from a computer, news account,
    or ISP that could be traced back to me (anonymous remailer from a
    cybercafe in Chapel Hill, perhaps), and c) would tunnel through multiple
    anonymous proxy servers to do it. Offshore proxy servers, so that US Law
    would not have necessary jurisdiction to search the records and backtrace

    But hey, what the **** do I know.
    The only thing I'm risking is a hernia from laughing at your ignorant ass
    as you sit here spinning fantasies out of whole cloth.

    NB: I also wasn't working directly for GECMC, but through an agency. Do
    you have any idea how many temporary IT workers a company the size of GE
    subcontracts in a year?

    Keep on frothin' Dumbstin. I haven't had laughs like this in a long time.
    John Henry, Nov 19, 2005
  14. Rebecca

    John Henry Guest

    Yo, Dustin Cook, I dug her rap! Mah mama din raise no dummehs!
    You still aren't thinking, kid. 1, 2, 15, 30, whatever. If you actually
    know that many people in meatspace, you go on ahead and bring 'em all if
    that makes you feel better. The Sherrif's department will be more than
    happy to dispose of the cadavers for me. Except they won't have to,
    because you're not going to be here, your friends, if they exist, aren't
    going to be here, your mom's not going to be here, the cops aren't going
    to be here. Nothing is going to happen here but me chilling out and
    enjoying the holidays with my family.

    And on the off chance it does? *shrug* I'll have to replace a couple
    boxes of ammo the next day, other than that I could give a shit less. I'm
    sure one of the bodies in the front yard will have enough cash in it's
    pockets to cover the cost.
    John Henry, Nov 19, 2005
  15. Rebecca

    John Henry Guest

    Yo, Rebecca, I dug her rap! Mah mama din raise no dummehs!
    No harm no foul, it's hard to not lose track of things in a thread as
    banal as this one.
    John Henry, Nov 19, 2005
  16. Rebecca

    Art Deco Guest

    This kook is headed toward the Bobo Cliff with the gaspedal glued to
    the floor.

    Official Associate AFA-B Vote Rustler
    Official Overseer of Kooks and Trolls in alt.astronomy

    "The original human being was a female hermaphrodite with
    both male and female genitalia."

    "Human beings CAN NOT live in a solar system without a sun
    with a ferrite core and a planet without a solid iron core."

    -- Alexa Cameron, Kook of the Year 2004

    "I am a sean being from another planet."
    -- Darla aka Dr. Why aka Dr. Yubiwan aka ...
    Art Deco, Nov 19, 2005
  17. Rebecca

    John Henry Guest

    Yo, Art Deco, I dug her rap! Mah mama din raise no dummehs!
    Bobo hell... if you take him at face value he's trying for a special
    Lifetime Achievement Darwin award for wiping out his entire local gene
    John Henry, Nov 19, 2005
  18. On Fri, 18 Nov 2005 23:36:28 GMT, "Dustin Cook"
    <> posted something accessible as
    alt.usenet.kooks, selections of which I respond to below:
    But perhaps we're not all obessive stalking shitheads like you.

    <Duhstin's wishful fantasy about John's illegal NEXIS access flushed>

    Robert Buchanan
    Grand Moff of <>
    Custodian of <>
    Master of Mindy (arf)

    Quote of the week:

    "what would the police charge be if caught boning an inflatable sex doll at
    60mph on the interstate? would it be more or less if it was anal?"

    -dave hillstrom, <dl0kb7$e0n$>
    Grand Moff Robert Buchanan, Nov 19, 2005
  19. Rebecca

    Dustin Cook Guest

    I've had a chance to learn a bit more about you. Seems, I was right in
    my opinion that your nothing more then a visual basic for applications
    wannabe coder, and nothing more then an html script kiddy. Your skills
    are quiet pathetic. You only have 5 years or so real world experience
    with repairs do you? No wonder your not interested in my evidence
    posts, that 's real code, it's beyond your limited understanding.
    For sure, your not a hacker. Your nothing more then a glorified html
    script kiddy, by your own resume. You are what I said in the beginning,
    an end-user little pissant.
    You assume way to much.

    I got a really good laugh when I read your resume. Fucking office
    script kiddy. Pathetic.
    I'm not working myself into any froth. Nice attempted weaseling, script
    Ahh. And you can't actually program. Small world isn't it?
    My ignorant ass? Kiddo, while you've been jerking off to html for the
    past few years, I've actually been employed for well over 12 in IT.
    Your nothing. Your not even a has-been, your a never-was.
    This is funny to me john:
    John Henry DeJong
    phone (919) 690-1180 email john at


    To regain upward mobility in my IT career path as a developer of MS-
    Access based data solutions,, related graphics, and/or


    Database Administrator (Microsoft Access);
    Webmaster/developer/designer; Graphic Designer; PC Technician


    Please note: During the recent slump in IT employment, I have taken
    whatever positions have been available to me, including a few short-
    term (one-day) install/deploy jobs for national contractors, as
    well as positions that were not IT-related. Due to the transient or
    IT-irrelevant nature of these positions, I have not included them
    in this employment history. I have also maintained my PC
    repair/build skills through occasional private work from my home,
    and my database, graphic, and web development skills through
    maintenance and development of my website at and occasional small web design jobs
    through my home-based web design business.

    I am currently attending college in pursuit of my AAS-Internet Tech
    degree. I anticipate earning this degree in the spring of 2006.

    Employer: Kelly IT Services/Nortel Networks/CSC
    Title: Global Data Auditor
    Location: RTP, NC
    Duration: 08/2000 - 12/2001
    Job Duties: o Global Data Auditor, Global Asset Management
    o Analyze existing asset management processes and suggest solutions
    for flaws and failures
    o Develop and test solution locally (RTP Beta Test)
    o Develop processes to collect asset data using Symbol Technologies
    SPT-1500 Barcode-enabled Palm III OS Personal Digital Assistant
    o Develop back-end for collecting and analyzing gathered data
    (Pendragon Forms -> MS Access 2000 -> Sql Server 2000)
    o Determine need and implement solution for changes in data
    and validation
    o Develop and maintain departmental intranet site
    o Develop Metric Audit Process Auditors Manual to include both
    instruction and safety and performance guidelines
    o Deploy system globally to track approximately 130,000 assets
    o Develop process to integrate with existing systems (Oracle)
    o Total employment period with Kelly IT Services 17 months

    Employer: Interim Technologies
    Title: PC Tech/Access DBA
    Location: Raleigh, NC
    Duration: 05/1999 - 02/2000
    Job Duties: At General Electric Capital Mortgage Corp:
    o Install and configure Windows 95 and NT 4.0, including hardware
    software installation
    o Troubleshoot and correct post-deployment issues
    o Interview customers to determine special needs
    o Analyze customer machines to further determine special needs and
    configurations for network and proprietary or specialized
    o Assist in coordinating other team members and related projects
    o Selected to receive 'Distinguished Employee Award' by onsite
    o After GECMC contract completed, moved on to contract assignment
    (Interim Technologies at Duke University Fuqua School of Business),
    o Upgrade CPUs in approximately 150 586-class machines, from
    Pentium 133-233 to AMD K62/450
    o Troubleshoot other minor issues as needed
    o At completion of Duke contract, accepted position as PC
    (Interim Technologies @ WakeMed Network Services) which evolved
    an Access development position
    o Troubleshoot hardware issues including (but not limited to)
    connectivity failure, application failure, system lockup, printer
    o Upgrade PC's and printers with memory or peripheral changes
    o Install/upgrade various software (see attached list for software
    o Develop and deploy asset tracking system (MS Access 97 client-
    server) including functionality for tracking technician performance
    asset purchase orders
    * Train managers and employees to use new system
    * Analyze needs and existing data to determine new data structures
    and rules
    * GUI, reports, queries
    * Help file (intranet HTML) including screen shots
    * Administer database
    o Total employment period @ Interim Technologies approximately 9

    Employer: Rental Referral Pros
    Title: Access Developer
    Location: Raleigh, NC
    Duration: 01/1997 - 05/1998
    Job Duties: o Ported system to web-based subscription service.
    o Converted data from ENABLE (DOS 3.3-based RDBMS) to MS Access 97
    o Created MS Access application for new data structure
    & Querying tools/data collection tools)
    o Trained employees to use windows 95, internet e-mail (Microsoft
    Outlook), and custom Access application.
    o Administered database, website, and subscriber accounts
    o Total employment period with Rental Referral Pros 19 months

    A+ Certified PC Technician


    I have extensive real-world experience and knowledge gained using
    these skills. Unless otherwise noted, I have more than 5 years
    experience in these skills
    * CorelDRAW Suite v 4 thru 10
    * Adobe Photoshop to v7
    * MS Access 97 thru 2003
    * Macromedia Dreamweaver (MX/MX'04) (2 years)
    * Macromedia Fireworks (MX/MX04) (1 year)
    * Macromedia Flash (1 year).
    * MS Front Page 97 thru XP including ASP and Office Web Components
    * MS Office Dev. Edition Tools
    * All Windows since 3.0
    * Windows NT/XP Admin Tools
    * Pendragon Forms 3.1 (1.5 years)
    * Pendragon Forms Distribution Toolkit (1.5 years)
    * All common PC Hardware including network, sound, video, modem,
    memory, processor, USB, IEEE1394 ('Firewire')
    * Palm HotSync Server (1.5 years)
    * MS Visual Basic for Applications (VBA)

    I have some degree of real-world experience and knowledge gained
    using these skills. I do not, however, consider myself an expert in
    use. Unless otherwise noted, I have 2-5 years experience using
    * JavaScript
    * VB Script
    * MS PowerPoint
    * MS Excel
    * MS Visual SourceSafe
    * Novell Client 32 (versions to 3.1z)
    * MS Visio (less than 2 years)
    * Adobe Premiere
    * ActiveX Controls in VB/VBA
    * 802.2 and TN3270 Terminal Configuration (via Citrix/Attachmate)
    than 1 year)
    * Macromedia Flash MX-MX04 (less than 1 year)
    * Windows XP
    * Microsoft NT/XP Network/Server administration
    * Various Specialized PC peripherals

    You aren't shit. No wonder employement in IT is limiting for you, your
    skills are nothing more then a secretary, with extremely limited
    experience to boot.

    Vb script.. You actually take pride in that? Sorry ass wannabe. :)
    As I said before John, I've already forgotten more code I wrote as a
    little kid then your ever going to learn.

    Dustin Cook
    Dustin Cook, Nov 21, 2005
  20. Rebecca

    smallfoot Guest

    Got that KM profile finished yet, Dustbin? You've had a week-and-a-
    half, now. Don't tell me that an ages old post (which was probably
    either wrong or a troll) from a Windows support site is all you could
    smallfoot, Nov 21, 2005
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