Raid/Dustin Cook even as Casio[Slam]it's brag...brag...brag

Discussion in 'Spyware' started by Anonymous, Jul 25, 2011.

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    I cleaned up the quotes and words per line. It seems these geniuses
    couldn't figure out what the average wpl should be in Usenet posts.

    Notice how this idiot Raid/Duckfart Cook/Dalton/Casio wants everyone,
    in essence, to be licensed and knowledgable to some extent or other
    before they are allowed to own/operate a computer?

    Because we are ignorant of computer languages, programming, security
    measures, it absolves him of all blame for destroying other people's
    property, such as their software, information, etc.

    If we carry that silly assumption even further, this logic exonerates
    all terrorists for the results of their terrorism. We know there are
    terrorists, but still we do not allow their existence to dictate our
    every movement throughout the day. Hence, it is our fault when they
    maim or kill us. Isn't it a great World that Dustbin wants for us? He
    wants complete freedom to attack the world at large.

    How do we spell PSYCHOPATH?

    What is equally appalling about this series of posts is that ordinary
    people, who we would normally assume to be somewhat bright, are
    endeavouring to argue with this delusional psychopath. Incredible!

    It is these ongoing, redundant, seemingly ceaseless posts highlighting
    this psycho which are responsible for his notoriety, not his penny
    ante viruses, nor his limited knowledge of real virus writing. He is
    an outcast among the elite of that sphere also. They have little more
    use for him than do we. Fortunately for him, quite a few personalities
    who work(ed) for AV companies wasted their time showcasing this
    morally and intellectually challenged gnat who thinks himself
    beatified by their perverse fascination with him. If they could only
    read from the viewpoint of the average reader of these Usenet posts,
    they'd realize how absolutely inadequately they have served the
    purpose of the AV community at large.

    Discussion subject changed to "Response to Bruce PBurrel" by Casio [SLAM]

    Casio [SLAM]
    Newsgroups: alt.comp.virus
    From: (Casio [SLAM])
    Date: 1997/08/16
    Subject: Response to Bruce PBurrel


    Yes, Yes I do. For several reasons, They don't corrupt there host.
    They replicate without Locking the machine in the process.
    So, since I don't write AV, I get to pass judgement on those? :)
    It's by no means a boast. For example, when you goto load a dos
    application or a windows one in a windows dos box, windows will run
    it, You won't get the annoying "This application must be run in
    windows" :) My virus exploits that feature that has been implemented
    in win95/winnt and os/2 warp.
    Indeed he does. he does not however have the right to make false
    claims. IE: Claiming Crypt Newsletter Cracked the case in his press
    interview. That didn't happen.
    Not true. you must learn ways of the road, safety etc.
    See comment above.
    A user SHOULD know the difference between a file and a diretory (or
    folder) as win95 lables them. if they do not, They should learn it.
    there is simple no excuse for ignorance.
    Indeed it can, Not only yourself but someone else.
    A computer user should know atleast how some of his/her computer
    works. Ignorance is no excuse.
    Nope. A decent driving instructor, and some familarity with the laws
    of the road is all I ask.
    heh... That only applies if the virus is written in pure asm. :) No
    hueristics catch any of my creations. Heuristics is by no means some
    super way of detecting a virus anyway. Your only using certain
    guidelines for POSSIBLE virus activity.

    Casio [SLAM] - I've been to the dark side, I think I'll stay awhile.
    Your no longer above me, crying to understand me. So much for your,
    your constant bitching, so much for you.

    Version: Raid Ver. 0.4.6 (Raid's I.Q)
    Comment: RAID - Is A Dangerous Sociopathic Monster

    - -----END PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK-----

    Version: Raid Ver. 0.4.6 (Raid's I.Q)
    Comment: RAID - Is A Dangerous Sociopathic Monster

    -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----
    Anonymous, Jul 25, 2011
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