R.com, T.com, Regedit.com, taskmgr.com in Winnt directory - what are these files?

Discussion in 'Computer Security' started by 2000questions, Mar 21, 2006.

  1. I have a load of files dated 6/19/2003 and timestamped 2:05 PM?
    I have Windows 2000 pro. I downloaded a program recommended on
    Dslreports.com called Superantispyware. It said I had a file called
    Taskmgr.com in in Winnt and gave this warning:


    On the date listed above I see 2000 files created in my OS directories.


    The strange files that I can't find any info on are


    I'm told that Regedit.com and taskmgr.com shouldn't have been created.
    T.com and taskmgr.com were in the system32 subdirectory.
    R.com and regedit.com were in the Winnt directory.

    I moved those files to a temp directory for deletion. I also see a
    command.com in there. What MS-Dos com files should I have with Win2000
    pro? Were the above files created with a service pack update or my
    download of Admin tools from Microsoft? I've submitted them to
    http://virusscan.jotti.org/ which is invaluable for online scans, and
    they came up clean.

    Just as an aside, not only does spyware and viruses drive a person crazy,
    but so does the multitude of programs out there to combat it. Some find
    things,others don't, while still others either give you false positives
    or plant their own malware on the drive. Why can't Microsoft just create
    the ultimate Anti-Virus, Firewall and Anti-Spyware programs that have the
    largest databases with the largest and best forums? I seem to spend
    more time doing Google searches for strange dll and exe files, checking
    ports using TCPview and open processes than I do anything else. There's
    got to be a way to protect the 65,536 ports.

    I'm posting this to other groups as I need the most input I can find.
    Please excuse the crossposting.
    2000questions, Mar 21, 2006
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  2. Service Pack Files is needed if there is a problem. You may be asked for
    the CD to verify files and that file contains the files changed by the
    Service Pack.
    The other 2 with "Uninstall" in the title may be safely deleted after it is
    determined the update will not be uninstalled.

    No single program may ever do it all for security.
    I suspect you are spending to much time worrying about exactly what is there
    and not letting the tools do their job.
    While it is not good to blindly do whatever a tool wants, it can also be a
    waste of resources to spend to much time on oversight of the tools.
    Find tools you can use and reasonably trust and let them work for you.

    Other questions may be better answered in the Windows 2000 newsgroup.
    Jupiter Jones [MVP], Mar 21, 2006
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  3. 2000questions

    Chuck Guest

    You know what frustrates me - when everyone gripes about Microsoft's
    "monopoly" or their products don't have this or that . . . Windows is
    nothing but an Operating System. It doesn't need to have an antivirus
    program or anti-spyware program or calculator or WordPad or web browser. It
    is an OS. Those are added programs - the only reason you have
    malware/spyware/virus is primary because of foolish internet practices on
    your part - not to mention on the part of the malware/spyware/virus creator.

    For example - Windows Vista - all I've been hearing is how "pretty" it will
    be or that security will be better and then I heard a gripe about the new
    Vista firewall still being uni-directional - so what!!!?!? Vista is an OS -
    go buy your own firewall or get off the internet!

    It's so freaking amazing how people blame others for their own problems - do
    us all a favor - grow up, take a computer class or throw out your PC.

    Sorry about the flame - but I've been dying to say this (especially to a
    Chuck, Mar 21, 2006
  4. 2000questions

    dawg Guest

    Not only do these damn things drive you nuts,the cure can be worse than the
    disease. After installing my tiny firewall and uninstalling an expired
    Norton AV my system is fuc*ed. I recommend a harware firewall/router even
    for dial-up. POS Virus writers.Line 'em up and shoot 'em.
    dawg, Mar 22, 2006
  5. 2000questions

    phinneas Guest

    Your argument is silly. Thse people who find and question these files
    are on the frontline of the war against malware/spyware and virus
    spreaders. If it wasn't for them submitting files and questions to the
    various manufacturers, the signature files would be minute, and everyone
    would be catching these things - ESPECIALLY CORPORATE NETWORKS WHERE 2/3
    of the employees are surfing for porn, games and humor sites half of the

    Saying Windows is only an operating system is like saying the local
    governments are not responsible for maintenance of the highways, and if
    you break an axle, it's your fault for not avoiding the potholes.

    MS makes a fortune supplying the world's operating systems and leading
    internet browser full of holes. As the largest company, they should take
    the lead in offering the finest firewall, AV and anti-spyware programs
    and in prosecuting those that are writing these keyloggers and viruses.
    I can't tell you how many times I'll help out a friend's relative, and
    when I do a regedit search, or start/run/cmd, they're amazed. Most have
    never heard of a registry, and these are people earning over six figures
    and using their computers 24/7. I know high school teachers who've been
    transferred into computers from other fields, given a crash course in
    keyboarding and are lost if you mention ports, let alone port forwarding
    or the registry.

    The minute Microsoft took the leap from Windows 3.1 to Windows 95, they
    should have been prepared for the internet revolution and the resulting
    danger of surfing the net and leaving a computer on all night and exposed
    to the www. Instead, they offer a dinky firewall, and let others reap a
    fortune with their AV and Anti-spyware programs. How many people would
    gladly pay premium prices for Windows OS upgrades IF it included the best
    AV program, and other security with unlimited upgrades and online file

    Why does it take a Sysinternals to issue the best utilities for figuring
    out what's going on in your computer - and for free yet.
    phinneas, Mar 23, 2006
  6. 2000questions

    Chuck Guest

    So - what do you think would happen if MS had the best firewall and the best
    Lawsuit after lawsuit, claiming anti-trust! The stupid idiots in Europe
    sued over WMP!!! So now they have a WMP free version - come again!

    MS Windows is an OS and it should just be an OS. When you buy a car you
    have the option to purchase things - that's fine - the same *should* be true
    with Windows - but it is not the car dealer's problem if you're a lousy
    Chuck, Mar 25, 2006
  7. 2000questions

    phinneas Guest

    We can argue this until the cows come home, but at the end of the day, we
    all spend way too much time checking our registries, running AV and anti-
    spyware programs, and explaining how to clean computers that have problem
    dll's and exe files. It reminds me of a company president I once helped
    who had what he thought was a broken computer. He had some malicious
    that had to be cleaned manually (thanks to step by step instructions on
    the Symantec site). Checking the history of his IE, I was pretty sure he
    caught it surfing some porn sites. I wasted about 4 hours that day,
    deleting dll's, registry keys, booting and rebooting over and over again
    until the thing was clean. That's doesn't include the VP who once told
    me that he needed a new computer because his was too slow. The reason -
    his hard drive only had .2% available space. He asked if we could call
    in a computer company to clean it!!!!! He never used Windows Explorer
    and didn't know one file from the next. You can pretty much guess what
    was on that hard drive.

    I have a good laugh when I watch the laptop and wireless internet
    commercials on TV and see the execs portrayed as excited about this tech
    revolution. In reality, most use a word processor and probably spend
    2/3 of the day on e-harmony or match.com looking for extramarital action.
    phinneas, Mar 26, 2006
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