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Discussion in 'Virus Information' started by antioch, May 27, 2010.

  1. antioch

    antioch Guest

    Whilst having problems with a series of BSODs over the last couple of days,
    I had a look in system restore with the mad thought in mind that at some
    point it could help but mainly with the intention to check to see if I can
    restore at any point during the 100 Software Distribution Service 3 entries
    since Feb 24 2010.
    Going back through all points, I was surprised that there were only 4 check
    points and to my horror I saw that PC Defender had been installed on March
    If this is that rogue one that has been of interest for a while, then I
    could find no trace in my system - probably too well hidden - but I have
    done countless scans with MS Security Essentials, MBAM,SAS and a couple of
    on-liners a couple of times since then. But I have read that it is a sod to
    find and remove.
    I cannot think what else it could be - apart from updates, nothing else has
    been installed on the computer and I certainly have had no pop-ups with any
    virus warnings. MBAM/SAS have removed some minor stuff on the odd occasion.

    Reading recent probs with this SDS, I am aware that some have had problems
    doing a SR prior to one of these entries.
    My laptop has about 20 SDS enties and twice as many check points over the
    same period.

    Providing I can keep my computer stable, I was wondering if it worth trying
    a system restore to a point just prior to this suspect rogue install or best
    left to just drop out in time.

    antioch, May 27, 2010
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