Page File Memory Overloaded

Discussion in 'Virus Information' started by KC, Jun 22, 2004.

  1. KC

    KC Guest

    When I got on my machine today, The page file Usage was
    almost at a gig, and there wasn't anything running. It's
    slowing my computer down to unusable speeds. I have
    tried doing spyware and virus checks, to no avail. My
    Virus Program is Norton and it is up to date, I use
    SpyBot, and my Microsoft Updates are all current. any
    KC, Jun 22, 2004
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  2. KC

    Chuck Guest


    If you want to know more about the virtual memory usage on your computer, get
    Process Explorer (free) from
    <>. Provides way more
    information than Task Manager. You can look at any process and see what modules
    it contains, and who wrote or distributed each module. And graph its memory and
    CPU usage.

    Spybot S&D is a good start. But IIWY, I'd go a bit farther.

    Try one or more of these free online virus scans, which should complement your
    current protection:

    Now check for, and learn to defend against, additional problems. Have you
    downloaded these programs before? Download them again, as the latest version
    may be needed to keep up with the current level of malware being attempted
    constantly - get the absolutely most current version of each product listed.
    They're all free - and most pretty small, so they download quickly enough.

    Start by downloading each of the following free tools:
    CWShredder <>
    CoolWWWSearch.SmartSearch (v1/v2) MiniRemoval
    HijackThis <>
    LSP-Fix and WinsockLSPFix <>

    Create a separate folder for HijackThis, such as C:\HijackThis - copy the
    downloaded file there. The other downloaded programs can be copied into any
    convenient folder.

    Start by closing all Internet Explorer and Outlook windows, and running
    CoolWebSearchSmartKiller, then CWShredder. Have the latter fix all.

    Then, run HijackThis ("Scan"). Do NOT make any changes immediately. Save the
    HJT Log.

    Finally, have your HJT log interpreted by experts at one or more of the
    following forums (and post it, or a link to your forum post, here):

    If removal of any spyware affects your ability to access the internet (some
    spyware builds itself into the network software, and its removal may damage your
    network), run LSP-Fix and / or WinsockXPFIx.

    Paranoia comes from experience - and is not necessarily a bad thing.
    Chuck, Jun 22, 2004
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