Norton SW 2004 incompatible with Siemens Gigaset and Homebanking DDBAC

Discussion in 'Virus Information' started by Rolf Loeben, Sep 12, 2004.

  1. Rolf Loeben

    Rolf Loeben Guest


    I find that WIN XP Prof with SP2 is incompatible with NSW 2004 with
    Updates later than 22.8.04. The exact update causing the malfunction is
    The impression is, that LU changes the MS SP2 ODBC interface thus
    destroying here the functionality of SP2.

    Further I find that installing NSW2004 updates NSW211 and NU211 from V7 to
    V7.02 is impossible, even on a freshly reinstalled NSW2004 after removal
    and reinstallation under SP2.

    The Gigaset malfunction is that the telephone book cannot be sent anymore
    from talk&surf application. Error message is a VB Script error:
    "Method '~' of object '~' failed
    VB-Desc> Method '~' of object '~' failed
    VB-Err#> -2147319779
    VB-Source> sephon21

    The Homebanking DDBAC will not create a new banking contact using a HBCI
    card. It simply does not respond anymore. No error messages.

    Installing SP2 without NSW2004 will not have any of those problems nor not
    doing any Live Updates after 22.8.04..

    Regards Rolf
    Rolf Loeben, Sep 12, 2004
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