Norton CE detects virus in C:\Recycler...

Discussion in 'Virus Information' started by Jordon, Oct 24, 2008.

  1. Jordon

    Kayman Guest

    On Sat, 25 Oct 2008 07:13:36 -0400, Peter Foldes wrote:


    And why on earth you (and anybody else for this matter) keep continuing
    responding to this screwball? There is absolutely no reason to do so! Is it
    so difficult for you to ignore posts originating from this idiot-person?
    Whatever you want to won't!
    (No response required!)
    Kayman, Oct 25, 2008
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  2. Jordon

    Peter Foldes Guest

    You friggin idiot. I was 4 yrs old when my family was liberated and was brought to the USA from Dachau by the liberating forces in 1946.
    It was enough Dave that what you did by reporting me as a terrorist to the Police in the UK. My home and my family was invaded by Canadian and US security forces on account of that and made it very uncomfortable for 3 hrs before it was realized that you made a false claim.
    I have no idea what others would have done to you but I think I was and still is civilized enough that I still hold my patience and my tongue with you.
    You caught me on a bad weekend and as it now winds down so will I

    Again. Go on your boat and get a life you sick demented person
    Peter Foldes, Oct 26, 2008
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  3. Jordon

    ~BD~ Guest

    Are you refering to: which starts off:-

    "Dachau was a Nazi German concentration camp, and the first one opened in
    Germany,......" or were you simply refering to the nearby town of that

    I'm both pleased and amazed that I had so much influence. Maybe. though,
    this is another of your fairy stories, Peter!
    As I've mentioned before, bad guys *always* make mistakes.

    The truth *will* out!


    ~BD~, Oct 26, 2008
  4. Sue the friggin' bastard!!

    PA Bear [MS MVP], Oct 27, 2008
  5. Jordon

    VanguardLH Guest

    And where are you are going to divulge your private details to identify
    yourself? Usenet is an anarchy. Get used to it. You can't prove that
    a web site have valid information about someone and instead have to
    assign a trust level to it, just like any other venue of news or
    information that comes to you. Why would anyone care about your claims
    regarding Peter Foldes history and behavior when no one can verify who
    you are and your history?

    You claimed that Peter lied in some of his posts. Provide proof by
    giving URLs or links to Google Groups copies of those posts. Did
    you check his history of posts to see through which newsgroups service
    he repeatedly uses and other header info to determine if those lying
    posts were made by him or an imposter?

    I took a random sampling of 10 posts from Peter (in newsgroups that I
    visit). One was a jibe and the others were somewhat helpful although
    perhaps a bit terse (whereas, as you can see, I am a bit verbose). That
    was as much effort that I was going to waste in your witchhunt. Prove
    your claim that he lies.

    Although I don't bother to participate in such lists, there are those
    that nominate or compile their "kook list". You can only be or pretend
    to be a newbie for so long before the consensus by such folks is that
    you are a troll or kook and you get added to their lists. All you've
    done so far is go around pointing fingers at others. Well, others can
    start pointing fingers at you, too. I'm pretty sure some are now
    considering adding you to their killfiles.
    VanguardLH, Oct 27, 2008
  6. Jordon

    ~BD~ Guest

    Thank you for taking the trouble to help me check Vanguard.

    It's half-term in the UK and my son, his wife and my 3 grandsons have come
    to visit. I'll therefore not have much time for 'computing' for a couple of
    days but you may care to review this thread in the meantime.

    If you wish, we may take my issue to email. As I believe you may have picked
    up already, my 'profile' in Google Groups is 'BoaterDave' and the email
    address shown the is valid.

    Thanks again.

    ~BD~, Oct 27, 2008
  7. Jordon

    ~BD~ Guest

    Almost every business nowadays has a web site, Andrew.

    Are you able to supply the URL for Peter's business and/or explain the
    nature of his business?

    He said in this thread "Yes I am using a Server and Yes I have a T3
    connection along with a LAN when not using it also for which my business
    pays an incredible amount per month for rental of that service". This
    suggests to me that 'the business' must be highly profitable - my worry is
    that it *may* not be ......... genuine, shall I say.

    You will also note in this thread that Peter claims:- "My home and my
    family was invaded by Canadian and US security forces".

    Can you, as a fellow Englishman, explain why the *US* security services
    might have had reason to trespass on Canadian territory to investigate Mr
    Foldes? I would have thought that was a no-no.


    ~BD~, Oct 27, 2008
  8. Jordon

    ~BD~ Guest

    Maybe the use of 'friggin' by these two posters was simply coincidental.

    I would have thought that the 'real' PA Bear would have a better command of
    the English Language. Hmmm.


    ~BD~, Oct 27, 2008
  9. Jordon

    VanguardLH Guest

    Never used that site nor do I care for webnews-for-dummies interfaces.
    One problem with that webnews interface to Usenet is that the headers
    for the post cannot be viewed which means I cannot see the list of
    References to track threads nor see the Message-ID (to use it in a
    Google Groups search). The thread is incomplete and it is hard to
    determine the post hierarchy based merely on indentation. Those posts
    seem to be in the newsgroup so I did a search
    on Peter's posts over there.

    I could not verify the thread you claim exists based on a link to a
    suspect site that tries to pretend it is a Microsoft site. That thread
    does not exist on my NNTP server. It cannot be found in a search at
    Google Groups. is NOT a Microsoft web site.
    After reviewing the dearth and almost deliberately covert registrant
    information for the domain's registration and even for its nameserver's
    domain, I trust NOTHING recorded at that web site. Hell, they won't
    even load a web page if you just go to their home page.

    According the timestamp for Peter's post at that suspect web site, I
    started looking at posts around 9/17/2008 11:51 AM PST in the newsgroup by searching Google Groups on all
    posters with author having "foldes" from 1 to 30 September. Since he
    doesn't use the X-No-Archive header, his posts will remain at Google
    Groups. I don't bother keeping posts in my newsreader that are over a
    month old so I had to use Google Groups to see if there was a copy of
    the thread in Usenet rather than at some unknown web site that pretends
    to be a Microsoft web site. What I found was:

    You were told back then to stop referring to external forums. This is
    Usenet, not a forum. So either point at Microsoft's article ID for
    their gatewayed post (i.e., a URL link to the article using Microsoft's
    webnews-for-dummies "Communities" gateway to Usenet), provide the URL to the post, or provide a URL link to the Google Groups copy of the
    Usenet thread.

    Apparently you deliberately attempt to prevent following the discussion
    by your repeated changing of the Subject header. You claim that Peter
    submitted lying posts. Bitch, insult, and opinion posts are not lying
    posts. That are you not well liked by some regular posters doesn't make
    them liars. It means they have opinions just like you do.

    Perhaps no one has yet provided you with some useful information as to
    how you should be posting to Usenet. Read the articles below:

    What is Usenet:

    How to post to newsgroups:
    VanguardLH, Oct 27, 2008
  10. Jordon

    Jordon Guest

    Suspicious... I can't get all the way through the scan without my
    system restarting itself.
    Jordon, Oct 27, 2008
  11. Jordon

    Jordon Guest

    ~BD~ wrote:
    [snipped it all]

    Why hijack my thread?
    Jordon, Oct 27, 2008
  12. Jordon

    Jordon Guest

    My version of NAV has a Quarantine but no recycle bin.

    In any event, it's reported to be in...


    And there is a folder in there by that name, but it's empty.
    Jordon, Oct 27, 2008
  13. Jordon

    Jordon Guest

    Got it sorted out. After uninstalling and reinstalling NAV the
    problem went away.

    Thanks for your help David.
    Jordon, Oct 27, 2008
  14. Jordon

    ---Fitz--- Guest

    It's a favorite tactic of Boater Dave. He's well known for hijacking
    threads and going off on some tangent that has no relation to the OP's post.
    He does this in almost all of his posts and has been booted from other
    forums because of it. He has been stalking select people for some time in
    these groups for being suspicious...PA Bear, Peter Foldes, etc, ad nauseum.
    He believes there are terrorists in these newsgroups and feels he has been
    victimized by unknown forces. If there was an internet police force, he
    would be the chief of police. He will either ignore your answers or try to
    pick them apart word by word. He's apparently on a self righteous crusade
    for something but no one has figured it out yet. My thought is that this is
    the only way he can interact with people and he believes these newsgroups
    are a social networking site. When he became too inquisitive of me after
    offering advice to some question he posed, I kill filed him and haven't
    looked back. He's kinda like chewing gum on a shoe.
    ---Fitz---, Oct 27, 2008
  15. From: "Jordon" <>

    | Suspicious... I can't get all the way through the scan without my
    | system restarting itself.

    | --
    | Jordon

    Yes Jordan.

    I think you DO have a RootKit.

    Wipe the PC and reinstall the OS after backing up your data.
    David H. Lipman, Oct 27, 2008
  16. You're way too kind to this sick, twisted creature, Peter. 'B.D.' is now
    on notice. Should he falsely report someone again he will be tossed into
    jail or a mental institution. Go ahead, B.D., report me as a terrorist
    and see what you get, you insufferable fool.

    MowGreen [MVP 2003-2009]
    *-343-* FDNY
    Never Forgotten
    MowGreen [MVP], Oct 27, 2008
  17. From: "David H. Lipman" <DLipman~nospam~@Verizon.Net>

    | From: "Jordon" <>

    || Suspicious... I can't get all the way through the scan without my
    || system restarting itself.

    || --
    || Jordon

    | Yes Jordan.

    | I think you DO have a RootKit.

    | Wipe the PC and reinstall the OS after backing up your data.

    I retract that as it is NAV that was in fault.

    Just ANOTHER reason to avoid NAV!
    David H. Lipman, Oct 27, 2008
  18. Jordon

    ~BD~ Guest

    Thank you for your responses, Andrew. Regrettably, I don't have copies of
    any emails you may have sent me, so it was good to see Peter Foldes restate
    his situation in the post recorded below. No doubt everything he says is
    true. If the US and Canadian security services really *have* visited him -
    and confirmed that his 'business' (whatever that may be) is in no way
    involved in causing others harm - then that's great.

    If they *haven't* actually done so yet, no doubt they will in due course!


    Subject: OT: Boater Dave

    For you to understand once and for all. GET A LIFE. And like I said to you a

    or two ago pick up a few books on using and understanding computers and

    because at your present state you are dumb when it comes to it

    Also As explained to you Andrew yesterday is exceptionally correct. And I

    not need any higher traffic for my Home business so there is NO webpage.

    Also about the US\Canada Security Andrew was correct on all that he posted
    to you

    Now to let you know my system so there is no misunderstanding which you are

    excellent on doing and implementing
    since you are ignorant and do not understand

    Operating System: Windows 2003 Enterprise Server SP2

    Dual Xeon CPU 3 MHz Intel
    L3 Cache (notice that it is not L2 but L3) 9MB
    32Gig RAM (16x2Gig )each 400mhz DDR on a rack of 20 purchased only through

    on Special Order with the Motherboard
    PAE switch is Enabled and the 3 Gig Switch is disabled
    Plain Jane Sound Card ($29) On board disconnected
    On board Video Card is Disabled and have a $35 Plain Jane PCI card
    On board LAN and on board switchable USB feeding Outside T3 when needed
    1000 W Power Supply Dual Voltage with 4 AC sockets
    8 cooling fans located on top and both sides of system
    As far as HD's go I switch between the one using now (160Gig ) 14,500 RPM

    personal usage to 22x500Gig
    which is for clients and is installed when needed one or up to 4 depending
    on the


    Boot up time 35-46 seconds to full Desktop with connection to LAN (Start Up

    empty except for Default meaning there is not a single Item in Start UP in


    Windows 2003 Enterprise can take 128Gig's of memory if needed

    And if you notice at times I use an XP or Vista when system and I are

    So there you go and I hope it satisfies your ignorant stupidity which you do

    notice yourself (Shame)


    ************************************ and this one too:-


    I just got notified that you are making enquiries at your local law

    agency. When will you wake up.

    Go on your longboat and play with that not with me.


    The Moderator of the group has since posted this item:

    I have canceled this post and all replies to it.
    Any further replies will be removed without notice.

    Annexcafe does not allow talking about someone
    who has been banned.

    It is not right or fair to talk about someone who can not
    defend themself.

    I ask you to respect this and move on to other things.

    Thank You,

    Whilst I appreciate the concern of Roy C for my welfare, I felt it might be
    a good idea to retain Mr Foldes posts for posterity. Whilst I am aware that
    they will also be removed from the MS groups after 90 days, Google is far
    more friendly towards me!

    One reason for posting in *this* group is in the slim hope that someone from
    'the Security Services' may just monitor posts here. Should they ever wish
    to visit *me* personally, I shall have no concerns with chatting to them
    over a cup of coffee!

    ~BD~, Oct 28, 2008
  19. Jordon

    Peter Foldes Guest

    Geeez David you are offering coffee someone will go over to you and visit and you did not invite me. That was not very polite . Now I am very hurt because of that. Just thought I let you know .
    Peter Foldes, Oct 28, 2008
  20. Jordon

    ~BD~ Guest

    Geeez David you are offering coffee someone will go over to you and visit
    and you did not invite me. That was not very polite . Now I am very hurt
    because of that. Just thought I let you know .


    A modicum of humour, Peter - quite rare from you! ;)

    However, in view of this further post:-



    Your post was copied over to the msnews server. Just I thought that I will
    let everyone know that their posts can be copied some place where it is not
    It has happened before a few times with this mentally challenged individual
    named Boater Dave and unfortunately those posters were not aware of it. Whew
    if they would have known it would have been fun to watch the results and


    ......... it might well have been better not to have banned me from posting
    on Annexcafe in the first place.

    BTW, do you know WHY I was banned, Peter? Not after the time we had locked
    horns originally - I refer to the ban after being given a 'second chance'.
    I'd been happily posting on the UK U2U site and on Scorched Earth without
    apparent problem when the hand of Trolli struck without warning - No reason
    was ever given to me. Ah, well!

    ~BD~, Oct 29, 2008
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