Norton 2004 NAV & NIS

Discussion in 'Spyware' started by Al Bundy, Oct 27, 2003.

  1. Al Bundy

    Al Bundy Guest

    I read their DRM FAQ but it's muck.

    Can this be run equally functional on two machines in the same household?
    Be dammed if I'm paying "by the room".
    Al Bundy, Oct 27, 2003
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  2. Al Bundy

    Vanguard Guest

    Hey you get the quality and support you deserve when you pirate
    software. I suppose you have the same copy of Windows installed on each
    computer, too, along with the same license of Office, and so on. You
    don't buy by the room. You buy by the computer.

    So why don't you have the other non-NIS computers configure to use a
    proxy which is the computer on which you install the one copy of NIS
    (that presumably you actually paid for)?
    Vanguard, Oct 28, 2003
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  3. What?

    little johnny, Oct 28, 2003
  4. Al Bundy

    Al Bundy Guest

    Assumption: wrong

    Assumption: wrong

    Xp on one. W98SE on junker. Copy that came on each machine.

    Assumption: wrong

    Office Xp doesn't run on 98

    Assumption: computers are networked together vs isolated. Wrong.

    Assumption: You got one right!

    Go to alt.binaries.test. Look for subject NIS2 post. PDF attached.
    Password protected to view. Password is "assumption". Content is receipt
    copy. Everyone knows you always keep copies of receipts for rebates.

    Thanks for you help...
    Al Bundy, Oct 28, 2003
  5. Al Bundy

    Al Bundy Guest

    Correction: pw is plural. assumptions
    Al Bundy, Oct 28, 2003
  6. Al Bundy

    techie Guest

    Some of us don't buy at all. :)
    techie, Oct 28, 2003
  7. Al Bundy

    sponge Guest

    I highly doubt you can use it on two machines, and even if you can you
    may get an unfriendly subpoena. Most likely, actually, you will only
    be able to download updates for one copy.

    I'd stay far, far away from NIS. For a lot of reasons, it's perhaps
    the last security/privacy-related product I'd recommend. Maybe even
    behind Evidence Eliminator...

    Sponge's Secure Solutions
    My new email: yosponge2 att yahoo dott com
    sponge, Oct 29, 2003
  8. Al Bundy

    YK Guest

    Wow! That's a statement.
    YK, Oct 29, 2003
  9. Al Bundy

    Al Bundy Guest

    (sponge) wrote in

    Thanks for the useful reply. Like I said, fairly new in this NG. Reading
    & reading months of posts. Seems like this Keiro is a decent replacemnet
    for the firewall piece of NIS? And free! And recommended in this group!

    Now keep an eye out for a NAV replacement I suppose. Plenty of
    subscription time left on NIS.
    Al Bundy, Oct 29, 2003
  10. Al Bundy

    techie Guest

    Thought you might find this interesting:

    | |
    | |
    | Product activation glitch hits Symantec |
    | |
    | A few consumers have complained to Symantec that the |
    | U.S. and British versions of a package that includes |
    | Norton Antivirus 2004, Norton Internet Security 2004, |
    | Norton Antispam 2004 and Norton SystemWorks 2004 |
    | mistakenly asks for a product activation code every time |
    | a PC is rebooted. Eventually, the software informs the |
    | consumers that they have reached the activation limit |
    | and the software will cease to function. |
    techie, Oct 31, 2003
  11. Al Bundy

    Al Bundy Guest

    Yea interesting. Thanks.

    My question was over stated then. Re-phrase:

    Can this be run functional on one machine?!!!
    Al Bundy, Oct 31, 2003
  12. Al Bundy

    shplink Guest

    Hmmm... define "functional!"

    the alt.privacy.spyware FAQ:
    shplink, Oct 31, 2003
  13. Al Bundy

    Al Bundy Guest


    Can this be run on one machine?!!!

    Al Bundy, Oct 31, 2003
  14. Al Bundy

    techie Guest

    Someone explain to me again the reason for installing this on their
    machine? :+)
    techie, Oct 31, 2003

  15. Is there something else I would do with it. I have it running on one
    little johnny, Oct 31, 2003
  16. Al Bundy

    sponge Guest

    Kaspersky's is good. McAfee's isn't bad either. Both have
    memory-resident interception and are around the same price. You can
    download a trial of the former once your NAV subscription runs out.

    Sponge's Secure Solutions
    My new email: yosponge2 att yahoo dott com
    sponge, Oct 31, 2003
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