network with bandwidth problems need help please.

Discussion in 'Security Software' started by server 2000 Group policy for windows xp, May 22, 2006.

  1. Thanks for any help here, i have a network with 2 Server 2000 and 60
    Windows 2000 and windows XP Pro.

    we are running a database called Visual Fox Pro 9.0 , we have security
    cameras that monitor 25 places on the building , now the way to display this
    cameras are over the TCP/IP , so we have a computer setup with LCD monitor to
    display this cameras not all of them only 6 ,
    the computer works for a few days some times but some times the software
    for the cameras called "network viewer" does not respond, i called tech
    support for the product and they say is not their software , well i now is
    not the computer so , may be a Bandwidth problems

    We have 10/100 MB network.
    Have you guy seen a problem like this ??/.how can i test my network
    bandwidth, do i need to purchase a software, I really need help here I have
    never seen a problems with the bandwidth ..

    Thanks for any help here.

    Ronald M.
    server 2000 Group policy for windows xp, May 22, 2006
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  2. "server 2000 Group policy for windows xp"

    Network bandwidth is not what I suspect first here. These videocameras are
    probably sending a steady, regular stream of traffic, so if there was going
    to be a problem, I would expect it to happen right away, or during busy time
    periods of high network traffic, not at random, and not six days later.
    Even if the problem really was network traffic, that's a poorly written app
    that stops responding when packets are dropped. Streaming video
    applications EXPECT some data to be lost in transit, and to keep on going
    without locking up.

    Rather than guessing that it might be a bandwidth problem, I would be trying
    to figure out who supports that software that is locking up. That's who you
    need to be speaking to. Bad software can cause problems even on a PC that
    you "know" is not the problem. [I'm really not sure how you know for
    certain the PC is not the problem, unless maybe multiple PCs are having the
    problem at the same time?]

    I don't see Visual FoxPro as being related to this problem... it's a
    database software, generally unrelated to watching video images. If the
    people you called for support was Microsoft for Visual FoxPro support, I'm
    not at all surprised if they told you it was not their problem. If a
    programmer used Visual FoxPro to create this application somehow, you should
    be talking to that programmer. Someone somewhere has to know the correct
    details about who made this software and how it was set up.

    Unless you have a network administrator or programmer on your staff that
    knows how to answer this question, I would consider hiring help.

    Using a sniffer like can help you take a look at the
    traffic, but it takes experience and knowledge of TCP/IP to know what you
    are looking at.

    Last, this is a newsgroup about computer security with Microsoft software,
    so this isn't really the place to get your question answered.
    Karl Levinson, May 22, 2006
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  3. server 2000 Group policy for windows xp

    Morisot Guest

    Hi, Karl

    (I know re-direction is necessary at times.) You gave a kind and informative
    answer. (It was a nice thing to see.)



    Morisot, May 23, 2006
  4. Sorry if I have chose the wrong place for my question buy I really appreciate
    you have taken the time to respond, it is very helpful.

    Thanks a million.
    server 2000 Group policy for windows xp, May 23, 2006
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