my woes of installing Spybot

Discussion in 'Spyware' started by Joe Zorzin, Sep 14, 2004.

  1. Joe Zorzin

    Joe Zorzin Guest

    Last week I installed in on my laptop, to get familiar with it. That went
    well. Then I just installed it on my main computer. It installed OK, found
    some stuff- I then had it get rid of that stuff. However, it said it had
    trouble getting rid of one file, a .dll file and suggested that the file may
    be in memory, so to reboot- and then it asked if it should run at the boot
    up, I said yes- I rebooted, for probably 20 seconds all I saw was a light
    blue screen- then Spybot came up- started examining the system- completed-
    then up came the desktop (XP)- but not correctly. I could see that some
    icons were not right- they looked like plain vanilla generic icons. Then I
    noticed that Explorer was operating slower than molasses. After screwing
    with it for awhile, I brought up Taskmanager- and saw about a dozen versions
    of that program. Then I tried getting rid of them one by one- and the system
    got even slower and more messed up.

    I had something like this happen about a year ago- I forgot what triggered
    it- same thing though with goofed up icons and Explorer barely alive.

    Any ways, after I managed to shut the system down several times, it finally
    came up OK- and I started breathing again.

    Anyone have a clue what happened here? Did Spybot waste some system .dll
    file, then XP repaired itself after several reboots?

    Of course, this is exactly what I was afraid of. I wouldn't have bothered
    with any Spybot program if I didn't keep reading about how important it
    was - yet I wasn't aware of any problems. And, I also saw that most
    manufacturers are recommending installing XP SP2. In the case of my Dell-
    Dell recommended first running Spybot- so here I am.

    I suspect that the system is stable and that was just some glitch- as
    happened a year or so ago.
    Joe Zorzin, Sep 14, 2004
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  2. Hi.
    I doubt Spybot nuked a needed Windows system file because it would gain
    a ton of attention. More than likely it killed a program that had some
    sort of method of reinstalling itself if you try to remove it. Yes, you
    are correct about the importance of an anti-spyware program(s),
    especially before installing SP2. I would also recommend scanning your
    system using Ad-Aware as well as using another program called Spyware
    Blaster. Both are free and should be updated after they are installed
    and before runing them. Also, in addition to scanning your system for
    spyware/adware, use a reliable anti-virus program. (AVG and AVAST are
    two free ones)
    Anti_Freak_Machine, Sep 14, 2004
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