MS Outlook automatically change email pop server email

Discussion in 'Security Software' started by RUDI HARSONO, Jan 15, 2006.



    anybody can help me...I have account in one of Internet service
    provider.but recently i have problem with my account server setting. It
    change automatically in pop3 server setting. This seeting should be, while I run outlook next day. The setting will be
    automatically change to IP address This event have been
    perform since three days ago.

    I so need help to resolve this problem...

    Rudi Harsono
    RUDI HARSONO, Jan 15, 2006
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  2. It is possible that this is changed by an antispam program installed on
    your computer. I know that, for instance, McAfee's SpamKiller does this
    in order to work together with your email program.
    You might have a similar product installed.
    Jurren Bouman, Jan 19, 2006
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    PA Bear Guest

    Disable email scanning by your anti-virus application. It provides no
    additional protection and even Symantec says it's not necessary:

    Disabling Email Scanning does not leave you unprotected against viruses that
    are distributed as email attachments. Norton AntiVirus Auto-Protect scans
    incoming files as they are saved to your hard drive, including email and
    email attachments. Email Scanning is just another layer on top of this. To
    make sure that Auto-Protect is providing the maximum protection, keep
    Auto-Protect enabled and run LiveUpdate regularly to ensure that you have
    the most recent virus definitions.

    Troubleshooting error messages that you receive when you are using OL and OE
    PA Bear, Jan 20, 2006


    yes..i have a installed spamihilator in my system but recently it's not
    active again. i will try your advice, and thank you very much.

    Rudi Harsono
    RUDI HARSONO, Jan 20, 2006
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