!!Microsoft is NOT sending ANY emails with update attachments. Please Read this!!

Discussion in 'Security Software' started by helper, Sep 29, 2003.

  1. helper

    helper Guest

    DON'T open any attachments.

    Always REMEMBER:
    "If a BAD GUY can persuade you to run his program on
    your computer, its NOT your computer anymore."

    Microsoft does NOT send updates as email attachments.

    "Authentic security bulletin mailers never provide the
    patch itself or a link to the patch; instead, they refer the
    reader to the complete version of the bulletin on our
    web site, which provides a link to the patch"


    PLEASE Don't click on any email attachment you don't
    know about. Because it will most likely be a VIRUS!!!!!!!
    Even if you're all protected don't click on any unknown
    email attachments.

    Consider using these (free for home use) tools:

    DON'T open any attachments.

    Consider using these settings in Outlook Express:

    Tools | Options | Security | Virus Protection

    Choose "Restricted Zone"
    Enable "Warn me when other applications trying to send mail as me"
    Enable "Do not allow attachments to be saved..."

    DON'T open any attachments.

    If you get infected, follow EXACT instructions from:

    On Windows XP enable firewall:

    Keep up to date with:

    DON'T open any attachments.


    DON'T open any attachments.
    helper, Sep 29, 2003
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