Microsoft Folder with large number (486,692) of files

Discussion in 'Security Software' started by alan arnott, Jul 23, 2008.

  1. alan arnott

    alan arnott Guest

    While looking into system perfomance, i found a folder with 400,000+ 384 byte
    files, each with a guid as filename. there is one other file alongside folder
    s-1-5-19 called CREDHIST

    the folder is c:\documents and settings\localservice\application

    it shows as size 163MB, on disk 1.77GB creation date april 2008

    it causes problems with search and virus scan although a dos scan reports it
    and its contents to be clean. (mcafee) i alkso have windows defender
    installed and it does not report any problems.

    the folder i found originally was c:\documents and
    settings\localservice\application data\microsoft\media
    centre\protect\s-1-5-19\ but i deleted that to see what would happen and the
    first named folder appeared in its place.

    i am concerned that this is a trojan of some sort. however, it is possible
    that it is a genuine microsoft system folder since s-1-5-19 is a localservice

    can anyone shed some light please?
    alan arnott, Jul 23, 2008
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