In this forum I miss a nice function

Discussion in 'Computer Security' started by fixfox, Mar 24, 2010.

  1. fixfox

    fixfox Guest

    Sometimes you see typing mistakes only after having posted. Most of
    them are not so very important, but some are distorting. I would very
    much appreciate if there was a button "edit" for my own last posting.
    I know this is not the appropriate usegroup for this remark, but I
    cannot find a list of the other usegroups and hope somebody will
    crosspost this to an appropriate one! ;-)
    fixfox, Mar 24, 2010
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  2. This is a newsgroup, not a forum.

    Setting up Outlook Express to access Microsoft newsgroups

    Setting up Windows Mail (in Vista) to access Microsoft newsgroups

    Setting up Windows LIVE Mail to access Microsoft newsgroups
    PA Bear [MS MVP], Mar 24, 2010
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  3. fixfox

    MEB Guest

    Ah, actually this is a forum - public gather place to ... - just not
    the type such as one finds upon private "bulletin board" forums wherein
    the only access is via that particular forum's interface OR which offers
    editing due to the NON-public NNTP access in contrast to those generally
    found in Usenet "forums" which Usenetters like to refer to as "groups".
    It would technically be possible for Microsoft to allow "editing",
    however, these would appear as either "new" messages or multiple
    messages within Usenet due to the methodology employed in its
    distribution unless ALL hosting/collection services within the
    distribution channels complied with "editing". Obviously that will not
    occur as exampled by the "expiry" and "server removal" headers [among
    others] ignored throughout the Usenet carriers/hosting services.
    MEB, Mar 24, 2010
  4. In the case of where I am replying to you from, this is not a web forum.
    This is not a single point on the Internet. This is many points,
    synchronized and propgated out (in most cases) at the every moment you send
    it to many different servers around the world in many different formats.

    In other words, what you put here is much like you writing it on paper and
    posting it on an actual physical bulletin board and as you walk up to it,
    hundreds if not thousands of people with fast and accurate cameras surround
    you and as soon as you put a pin in the paper onto the board - they all take
    pictures (with a few stragglers that will wait, they only synch every so
    often you see) and put it on their bulletin board (which may/may not have
    the same shape, size, title, color, etc) for all those who visit theirs to

    Their bulletin boards (like the one here - a newsgroup) may not have the
    ability to correct postings, go in an edit. This is why many people use a
    client with built-in spell checking to post messages (mistakes still happen.
    Shenan Stanley, Mar 24, 2010
  5. You're looking for the "supersede" function of your newsreader ;-)

    Juergen Nieveler
    Juergen Nieveler, Mar 24, 2010
  6. Yep, and not only because it was left a "should" instead of a "must"
    when it comes to servers honoring acceptance and propagation of cancel
    and supercede requests (even if they did, the various "archiving"
    operations, glomming within the window of opportunity between the post
    and the request's propagation, would have a copy).

    With that last item, even with a web based forum's post (post) editing
    feature, previous versions may (might) still be archived somewhere - so
    you can't *really* remove anything anyway, http or nntp.
    FromTheRafters, Mar 24, 2010
  7. With all due respect... is
    a forum.
    is web-based access to newsgroup. (You
    can even see the word "newsgroup" in the URL.)

    PA Bear [MS MVP], Mar 24, 2010
  8. fixfox

    MEB Guest

    Right, though it is still a "forum" per definition.
    Newsgroup designates an "access" method, as does Usenet. But then it
    really doesn't matter except for the constant usage of "group" verses
    forum in Usenet in attempt to denote some form of control within
    Usenet... of which there really is none, except over those
    "groups/forums" which are solely Usenet [though still with an
    originating server].
    And mutually applied respect here.. it really makes no difference to
    how this works here. Nor that there _could_ be editing per the OP if it
    was offered/supported.
    MEB, Mar 24, 2010
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