I'm going to sue you

Discussion in 'Spyware' started by rev-tbrown, Oct 31, 2004.

  1. rev-tbrown

    rev-tbrown Guest

    Attention Mr. Athiest or what ever the hell you name is.
    You think you can come here to alt.religion and spout your big mouth
    off. You think youre such a big shot and you can talk about me behind
    my back, and make up lies about myself and others on this group.
    Well, your time is up dickhead. Go ahead, tell this to all your other
    morons buddies on this newsgroup. I already said how I feel about
    both God and religion, and if you dont like it, go **** yourself. You
    are nothing but slime on the table of life. You will spend all of
    your days in hell after you leave this world (and I hope thats soon).
    God will get his revenge on you, and youre soul will rot for all
    eternity in hell, which is where you belong. The next time you harass
    someone on alt.religion, or for that matter any other newsgroup, I
    will have my attorney trace your internet service and sue your pants
    off. I hope I have made myself totally clear, because I mean every
    word of this.

    Now get lost asshole!

    *God forgive me for my language in this message.

    Rev. Thomas Brown
    rev-tbrown, Oct 31, 2004
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  2. rev-tbrown

    Vanguardx Guest

    <snip - diatribe of childish berating and threat>

    And what does your retaliation post have to do with THIS newsgroup to
    which you multi-posted (alt.privacy.spyware)?

    And why did you not *reply* to whomever's post you took offense at
    instead of posting a completely separate and new thread (as evidenced by
    the lack of the References header showing the message ID of the post to
    which you reply)?

    And do you really think anyone takes seriously your "advice" or threats
    when presented in such superb professional prose and with such
    convincing arguments? (If you don't get my drift, I'm being highly
    sarcastic here.)

    Tis a pity children are permitted access to the Net.
    Vanguardx, Oct 31, 2004
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