IAS deployment considerations in a large enterprise

Discussion in 'Security Software' started by Yossi Mor, Oct 11, 2004.

  1. Yossi Mor

    Yossi Mor Guest

    Hello forum,

    I am new to the described issue above and appreciate if anyone that
    experience with the following items below can share its knowledge:

    1. Pros / Cons for IAS proxy deployment in DMZ Vs. local LAN – what is the
    recommended approach in term of security, reliability etc?
    2. Nortel VPN considerations with IAS – are there any specific issues that
    related to Nortel as radius client.
    3. Where I can find Performance figures/ charts on Microsoft IAS with VPN (
    I found an article for wireless) such as concurrent connection per second etc?
    4. Can IAS be deployed as a cluster for load balancing and fail over? (I
    read Microsoft approach in article “Using IAS proxy for load balancing “)
    5. Tip and tricks for deploying IAS in forests containing a large number of
    6. According to Microsoft article “Using IAS proxy for load balancing “ (see
    link below) it is recommended to use IAS proxy to forward the authentication
    request to the next IAS installed on Active Directory for authentication. In
    case that the second IAS is down, how can i resolve such a problem? Is it
    possible to install additional IAS server on the same Active Directory for
    fail over?

    Kindly regards,

    Yossi Mor

    Aladdin Knowledge Systems
    Yossi Mor, Oct 11, 2004
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