How to get post SP2 WinXP security updates to get burned in a CD?

Discussion in 'Security Software' started by SammyBar, Jul 25, 2005.

  1. SammyBar

    SammyBar Guest

    Saturday I installed WinXP on a PC. I connected to the net to get security
    updates and immediately the LSASS service got hacked and made restart the
    PC. I was less than 5 min connected!.
    Some time ago I posted a message asking how to download all the security
    patches for Win98 in order to burn them in a CD and apply to a non
    connected PC. I was suggested to go to . That worked
    fine. But now I want to do the same for a WinXP SP2 system (I mean, download
    all critical security updates post SP2) but the results I receive are all
    ..NET related updates. What is wrong?
    How can I get all security patches to burn in a CD?

    Thanks in advance
    SammyBar, Jul 25, 2005
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  2. Install XP. (without connection to internet)

    Install anti-virus package (still without connection to internet)

    Establish Internet connection.

    Then get patches.

    Phillip Windell [MCP, MVP, CCNA]
    Understanding the ISA 2004 Access Rule Processing

    Microsoft Internet Security & Acceleration Server: Guidance

    Microsoft Internet Security & Acceleration Server: Partners
    Phillip Windell, Jul 25, 2005
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  3. Sammy;
    Your mistake was connecting without the firewall enabled.
    It only takes seconds and 5 minutes is much longer.
    You must have a firewall enabled before physically connecting to the

    Also see:
    Jupiter Jones [MVP], Jul 26, 2005
  4. SammyBar

    SammyBar Guest

    You are right, I forget the pre-SP2 XP also has a firewall incorporated.
    SammyBar, Jul 26, 2005
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