HELP: please tell me about SECURITY on AVG software anti-virus: is good or not?

Discussion in 'Anti-Virus' started by MBocciaMcArt, May 6, 2004.

  1. MBocciaMcArt

    MBocciaMcArt Guest

    HELP: please tell me about SECURITY on AVG software anti-virus: is good or not?
    , as I don´t know, as I use NORTON ... FULL.

    AVG_antivirusFREE_MG Free Download - AVG Free Edition 6.0 Build 665 :

    -Is it ... better than NORTON,... or it is the same as NORTON ?

    please help with your best complete coments.
    MBocciaMcArt, May 6, 2004
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  2. MBocciaMcArt

    Big Will Guest

    As far as virus detection goes, AVG and Norton prob get the job done
    about equally. My biggest complaint with AVG is I can't find where to
    submit samples to. My biggest complaint with Norton is that you pay for
    a product, and when the product doesn't work the way that it was
    supposed to, you have to pay extra for technical service to
    troubleshoot. As far as internet security, though, to my knowledge AVG
    only offers AV protection, whereas some Norton products also have
    Firewall (NIS and NPF). However, there are free Firewalls out there
    that get the job done (Sygate and ZA--I prefer Sygate personally). BTW,
    if you're looking for free AV, another one you might want to look at is
    Avast ( Currently, however, I use Sophos (real time)
    supplemented by AVG (on demand), which I had issues with when trying the
    same setup with Avast, so you might want to stay away from Avast if
    you're going to have another AV scanning realtime. Hope this info helps.


    If it don't work, hit it.
    If it still don't work, kick it.
    If it works after that, than it doesn't matter if that helped, what's
    important is it works.
    Big Will, May 6, 2004
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  3. MBocciaMcArt

    Ron & Ree Guest

    I'm sure you will get different opinions about this.
    My opinion is that Norton has better detection than AVG overall.
    If you look at the VB100 tests Norton has done better. Nortons record is 23
    passes and 6 fails, AVG has 4 passes and 20 fails. It seems to be quite a
    (Note: Grisoft is AVG and Symantec is Norton)

    You can get Etrust EZarmor (anti-virus and firewall) free for the first
    year. Their VB100 record is 16 passes and 10 fails.

    There is also Avast that is free for home use. Their VB100 record is 9
    passes and 18 fails.
    Ron & Ree, May 6, 2004
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