having again a bad day with this virus on log into xp pro

Discussion in 'Virus Information' started by shajnday, Mar 27, 2011.

  1. shajnday

    shajnday Guest

    hi all!

    this virus i have for at least 5 years....going on from my first
    notebook, it is with hdd which i have cloned onto another disk and
    repaired XP pro sp3. I have ben using malwarbytes, superantispyware,
    avast and trusword allalong and everytime i do find some new kind of
    spyware,trojan, virus or some other junk.

    i really don't make much of downloads but i did had some stupid
    applications and or some stupid programs which were security risks in
    respect that i was using this notebook as an important workstation.

    the last standing virus which i have now on my hdd is preventing me to
    long into adminstrator interface od win xp both regular and safe mode,
    i.e. i can't log into system. When i get the first log page there is
    no users icons to log into, i.e. there is no empty field to input
    username and password it is hidden, missing.

    i did solved that issue once before as i did had backup and i did have
    pointed that disk on another clean computer and cleaned the disk with
    some antivirus programs, i used combofix.exe also.

    this virus is a persistent one, and it bumps out of nowhere also after
    5 antivirus-spyware checkups and manually deleting and dsearching for
    "odd files" ...etc. maybe it is perlovga but i did everything i
    possibly could to get rid of it.

    One of old-school ways would be to put a fresh copy of system but i do
    have a load bunch of programs installed, and UI which i have adjusted
    through many years...if i do that, the only things i wouldn0t like to
    maintain are internet browsers favorites and their adjustmens, really
    it is not such a hard work but i would rather choose the search and
    destroy method manually or through the antivirus program...

    What to do to punch thi virus into nose and to bring back normal
    windows log-on console so as safemode.

    p.s. this happened to me yesterday for som 6th time as i was trying to
    log on into safemode into admin account ...
    shajnday, Mar 27, 2011
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