Has David Lipman been providing malware to known malware criminals?

Discussion in 'Spyware' started by 4Q, Mar 24, 2007.

  1. 4Q

    4Q Guest

    *twat!* I'm an uber troll ;]]
    The truth about Lipman spreading malware
    to sociopathic criminal virus/malware
    spreaders with a long history of abuse?
    Yeah actually I'd be quite interested to
    hear Lipman's side of the story, I'm sure
    other people that rely on the integrity
    of these purported saviours of computer
    privacy would be interested too.
    Perhaps David could make a guest
    appearance and quell the rumors.

    4Q (super troll)
    4Q, Mar 26, 2007
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  2. 4Q

    Art Guest

    I wasn't.
    The word "repentent" makes me squirm a bit since it conjurs up
    images of some religious nut screaming "Repent, sinner". I think
    the world has had enough of repented and "saved" sinners.
    Case in point is George W. Bush ... a classic case of a reformed
    "sinner" who has lost the trust of most Americans and the world.
    Another less tragic and disatrous example is that devout Quaker,
    Richard M. Nixon, who authorized a illegal and immoral break-in.

    Those who believe illegal or immoral means are justified for
    some ideal end are not to be trusted. Such people are

    Now, I recall that you felt entirely justified in "screwing over"
    people you considered to be "the pits". Your viruses were
    your weapons aimed at people you hated ... whether such
    people were engaged in illegal activities, porn, or were just
    plain "stupid users" in your eyes. The fact that viruses are
    "shotguns" spraying pellets all over the place didn't concern
    you. In your eyes, a stray pellet hitting a inncocent user
    didn't matter, since "stupid users" who take hits shouldn't
    be on the internet ... or some such argument. Besides,
    your viruses weren't really nasty and they were easy
    to eradicate ... I think you would claim IIRC. So you
    rationalized your virus writing and saw yourself as some
    kind of hero doing good deeds. You believed that some
    illegal or immoral means are justfied in pursuit of your ideals.

    You claim you've changed in some way, and I'm sincerely
    interested in hearing exactly in what way. I hope you
    haven't "got religion" and repented since I don't trust
    those unprincipled bastards who have as far as I can
    throw them :)

    I think a real change might arise when a person is
    immersed in constructive work, such as your product,
    and finds such work to be far more rewarding than
    past activities. Is that what you've experienced? A
    real change to a dedication to strictly constructive
    work? Can you say with real feeling that you're
    now dedicated to strictly constructive work? If so,
    principles and "repentence" be damned :) I'd be
    inclined to think you have truly changed.

    Art, Mar 26, 2007
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  3. 4Q aka in message
    alt.comp.anti-virus on 3/24/2007 at 6:26:38 PM after much thought,came
    up with this jewel:
    I'll play along.....

    How can one create a good removal tool without the thing your trying to

    I have sent live samples to Dustin.

    Investigate away!

    (mind if I lead?)
    sung to the tune of "skating away"-jethro tull

    What's in a Name?, Mar 26, 2007
  4. 4Q

    cmsix Guest

    In other words, you disaprove of 95% of human behavior. From your messages
    that seems about right.

    cmsix, Mar 26, 2007
  5. 4Q

    Russg Guest

    I just hope D. Lipman didn't fly too close to the
    sun with those plastic wings.
    Russg, Mar 26, 2007
  6. 4Q

    optikl Guest

    95% is a ridiculous assertion. Sounds like something pulled from the
    dark recess in your backside.
    optikl, Mar 26, 2007
  7. 4Q

    cmsix Guest

    You should know better than anyone.

    cmsix, Mar 26, 2007
  8. 4Q

    4Q Guest

    Does the following number ring any bells
    Andy? 0789734591

    *hmmm* Well if the above number is
    yours then you have definately stepped
    on your dick. I'll explain in my new
    webpage section soon.


    *hmmmm* I hope you don't end up eating
    these words if the number provided above
    is correct. *wink*

    4Q, Mar 26, 2007
  9. 4Q

    pcbutts1 Guest

    More BS from the stalker. http://www.ik-cs.com/got-a-virus.htm still down.
    If it is that easy Stalker then why is my site still up. Cheaters and
    thieves never prosper remember that stalker.


    Newsgroup Trolls. Read about mine here http://www.pcbutts1.com/downloads
    The list grows. Leythos the stalker http://www.leythosthestalker.com, David
    H. Lipman, Max M Wachtell III aka What's in a Name?, Fitz,
    Rhonda Lea Kirk, Meat Plow, F Kwatu F, George Orwell
    pcbutts1, Mar 27, 2007
  10. 4Q

    Dustin Cook Guest

    That's understandable, however, I don't take advantage of people these
    days man. You should consider re-evaluating what you think of me,
    since it's based on ones actions. Yes?
    Dustin Cook, Mar 27, 2007
  11. 4Q

    Dustin Cook Guest

    In all fairness to the sorry weasel, He doesn't specialize in outright
    lies. He does intentionally mislead persons by quoting things out of
    context and obviously showing a sided viewpoint.
    Dustin Cook, Mar 27, 2007
  12. 4Q

    Dustin Cook Guest

    That's the whole point, 4Q. A history of abuse which stopped by all
    accounts in 2000. You don't have anything even remotely close to
    current to attack me with. You couldn't even locate more recent
    interviews. I didn't give many, even then. :) It never was fame I was
    in search of, dimwit. LoL.

    Whatever I did 7+ years ago is in the past, I can't take it back. The
    only thing I can do is not do it again, and return something to the
    community that I interfered with in the first place. What can you
    claim to have done in the last 7 years? :)

    This will be my final reply to you for awhile, Your already killfiled
    in my newsclient... *shrug*

    Have a nice day, 4Q.
    Dustin Cook, Mar 27, 2007
  13. 4Q

    Dustin Cook Guest

    I didn't mean or take repent in the religious aspect, no worries. :)
    Fair enough, I did do those things... And I did have that viewpoint.
    It was a childish viewpoint to have tho.
    I simply, grew up. That was all. Writing viruses is known to be a
    waste of time and somewhat immature, especially if they are released.
    Even with the things you learn while writing them, you can only gain
    so much knowledge from actually writing self replicating code. You can
    gain even more knowledge reverse engineering such code to write
    detection/removal routines. Clearly, time is better spent reverse
    engineering the programs than it ever was to write them.

    I'm not interested in writing malware programs of any kind Art. I'm
    interested in the removal. Spyware is at the point where my time at
    work is largely spent removing it. I do not like removing annoying
    trojans (which is essentially what they all really are at the basic
    level) by hand.

    When you learn that your not in good health, you tend to rethink
    things and see things a bit differently than you did before. It's not
    a religious experience, it's a realization that time is short enough
    as it is. Much to do, not enough time to do it all in.
    Art, I do find the work on BugHunter to be a rewarding experience,
    even during the fights on usenet. The program is useful, people enjoy
    using it, that's a feeling far better than that of a virus infecting
    someone. I must admit, I do find the occasional legal letter from a
    spyware company to be very amusing; I'm making a dent, they've
    threatened me, I'm doing my job! :)

    I'm sure you remember, I was writing freeware applications well before
    my vxer days. Despite what 4Q would like for you to believe, I am an
    accomplished programmer, and I do have training beyond that of
    highschool, lol. An important aspect that 4Q fails to mention
    concerning my education, was that I had no actual classes 3 of the 4
    years in highschool! I was at a vocational training facility instead,
    working on the computers and maintaining the network. I won the BEAM
    competition 1st and 2nd place two years in a row respectively, that's
    30,000+ some odd students I competed with on computer knowledge. The

    The 2nd place award was given to me because I was not present to
    attend the entire year that year, I had left school and moved. :) The
    followup student, who happened to be in my class and was trained by
    me! (hahaha) was given 1st place, when he originally one 2nd place.
    I'm proud of the fact he got in the top 3, since I trained him on what
    he didn't already know how to do.

    The fact I've been professionally employed working on pcs and
    compatables since I was a teenager also doesn't help his crack on my
    education, Nothing beats hands on experience.

    freeware applications I wrote were small and well written and
    consistenly won awards on sites such as cnet.com; back when DOS
    software was popular. In fact, some of my old freeware applications
    dating to 95 and before are still available via simtel.net.

    Despite my past Art, I'm not exactly the evil person I made myself out
    to be. Much of my posts under the nick Raid did contain some
    misleading information. Intentionally misleading. What I can claim in
    my defense of the fact I've changed is BugHunter. An ongoing project
    which actually started almost 3 years ago. If your going to judge me,
    please do so with my most recent history of code.
    Dustin Cook, Mar 27, 2007
  14. 4Q

    Dustin Cook Guest

    LoL. Yes, You have saved me time by sending them so I didn't have to
    browse with IE in a controlled environment and manually extract them.
    (thanks you!)

    Also, a big thanks for pointing out what should be obvious...
    " How can one create a good removal tool without the thing your
    trying to
    remove?" - max alt.comp.virus
    Dustin Cook, Mar 27, 2007
  15. 4Q

    Leythos Guest

    Yep, bet it makes you happy to know what you did in a faked complaint has
    keep a reputable site down for another day.

    It appears, unlike your hosting company, that they yank first and then
    wait for a response - and the response was filed today, again, in the
    proper format. Aren't you going to look the fool when it comes back
    online, same content, same site, same page names.

    So, how come your sites are not showing the content again?
    Leythos, Mar 27, 2007
  16. 4Q

    pcbutts1 Guest

    Remember last week , you are good at keeping a history of my posts, It's
    still up http://www.pcbutts1.com/downloads/leythos.htm Didn't you say they
    told me to take it down? Oh that's right you wanted everybody to believe
    your lies.


    Newsgroup Trolls. Read about mine here http://www.pcbutts1.com/downloads
    The list grows. Leythos the stalker http://www.leythosthestalker.com, David
    H. Lipman, Max M Wachtell III aka What's in a Name?, Fitz,
    Rhonda Lea Kirk, Meat Plow, F Kwatu F, George Orwell
    pcbutts1, Mar 27, 2007
  17. 4Q

    Leythos Guest

    No, I didn't sya they told you to take it down, your Pornographic sites
    were in violation of US Title concerning warnings and minors - the
    "leythos.htm" page was not available at that time and was not part of the

    The ones that can be found in most of my posts to this group for the past
    couple months were in violation and were issued in a complaint - that
    forced your ISP/Host to have you removed them, about the same time as the
    properly authentic DMCA complaint against you for stealing Stuarts code.
    Shortly after both events you made up a story about selling a batch file,
    removed the content from both of your sites, and changed on of the file
    names to make a new page (which was not part of the initial complaint).

    You can't spin your way out of this.
    Leythos, Mar 27, 2007
  18. 4Q

    Leythos Guest

    http://www.pcbutts1.com/rlk/rlk.htm - Page not found 404
    http://www.pcbutts1.com/license.htm - Page not found 404
    http://www.pcbutts1.com/downloads/max.htm - Page not found 404
    http://www.pcbutts1.com/downloads/mpv.htm - Page not found 404
    http://www.pcbutts1.com/downloads/wtcpcb.htm - Not listed in complaint
    http://www.pcbutts1.com/cracks.htm - Not listed in the complaint
    http://www.pcbutts1.com/Loutheasshole.htm - Page not found 404

    Oh, and people can't download your pirated code anymore, no direct links

    Care you spin now?
    Leythos, Mar 27, 2007
  19. 4Q

    pcbutts1 Guest

    All those links are still on my site you Crybaby, you just don't know where.
    Spyerase is not because I sold it. Remove-it is try to find it. Grow up. You
    lose again and start crying like a 2 year old. Sheeeeeesh what a baby you
    Just like all of David's. Grow up.


    Newsgroup Trolls. Read about mine here http://www.pcbutts1.com/downloads
    The list grows. Leythos the stalker http://www.leythosthestalker.com, David
    H. Lipman, Max M Wachtell III aka What's in a Name?, Fitz,
    Rhonda Lea Kirk, Meat Plow, F Kwatu F, George Orwell
    pcbutts1, Mar 27, 2007
  20. 4Q

    Leythos Guest

    And that just proves that the complaint worked and was followed.

    You sure didn't remove them because you became honest or gained morals or
    just wanted to be ethical. They are not there, where the public can be
    exposed to them and you won't post links to them again because you were
    legally in the wrong and you know it, your ISP/Host knows it, and you
    can't do a dang thing about it.

    When you're on the wrong side of the law you don't stand much of a chance.
    Leythos, Mar 27, 2007
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