Group policy for windows 2000 pro and windows Xp pro..HELP>>!!!!!

Discussion in 'Security Software' started by server 2000 Group policy for windows xp, May 30, 2006.

  1. Hi every one , i have windows 2000 server and we have a combination of
    Windows 2000 Professional and windows XP professional , i am ready to apply
    GP from the server , do i need some kind of updates for the server to work
    with XP workstation , since XP come after windows 2000 Server .

    I found a link from Microsoft:

    I can not understand, if I follow this link from Microsoft, here the points
    I do not get it.
    1> "Click Browse, select the GPO that you want to upgrade, and then click OK."
    This means I will browse my current GPO on the server and click update????
    2>"You can now adjust the policy settings in this Policy object by using the
    Group Policy console from the Windows XP-based client."
    This means I will use windows XP to updated the GPO then I will have to use
    this windows XP workstation to make changes on the GPO for the entire domain,
    I would like to make all the changes from the server.... not from any
    workstation .

    If some one can help here I will appreciate a million.

    Thank for your time

    Ronald M.
    server 2000 Group policy for windows xp, May 30, 2006
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  2. The changes will be in effect for the entire domain.
    When you edit a GPO from a machine that has higher rev
    adm templates, these are automatically uploaded to the
    domain conrollers, whence you can edit the settings.
    The updated adms are not actually needed on the machines
    to which policy is applied, only wherefrom one edits the
    policy settings.
    Just get GPMC and use it on an up-to-date XP or W2k3
    if you have one. Then, after that keep an awareness of the
    "applies to" info for each policy you use so that you do not
    get confused such as by thinking that at XP and later policy
    will be effective on a W2k.

    "server 2000 Group policy for windows xp"
    Roger Abell [MVP], May 30, 2006
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