firewall question and windows installer/spyware question

Discussion in 'Security Software' started by unstablemicrosoft, Sep 24, 2006.

  1. Hi. Two Questions.

    I have a McAfee firewall 7.x, home version. I tried to save the log of
    incoming events as an archive, but couldn't read the log. (Copy and paste
    didn't work) It was an .edf file. I didn't know how to open it (Windows XP
    Home Edition service pack 2 asked me how I wanted to open it ...), or even
    what an .edf file is in essence.
    And I didn't feel like getting some program from the web to put the log
    here, you never know if there is spyware attached. And I vaguely recall that
    when looking on the website I got the message that there was no
    suitable program for my language (of Windows, or McAfee ??)

    Anyway, some of the incoming events (called "unwanted attempt (IP address
    mentioned) to connect to
    port x") seemed harmless, others definitely did not, and seemed to be
    related to hacking activity, spamming business or other unsavory business.
    Both UDP and TCP. Some tests confirm that my router has a working firewall.

    What's going on ? I have configured the firewall for a home network, do not
    trust home network. The data goes straight from my cable modem to my router
    (by cable/wire), and then wirelessly to my computer, no other computers in
    network. WPA-PSK encryption is used. Don't tell me to contact the
    manufacturer of my router (Sitecom), they give me the cold shoulder. McAfee
    refers me to Sitecom. So how do I get that stuf in my log ?

    Also, sometimes windows installer spontaneously gets activated and then
    tries to install first microsoft office 2000 sr-1 cd 2 and then microsoft
    office 200 sr-1 premium. At least, that's what it looks like. I can abort
    this with some difficulty with control alt del (task manager ?), but I don't
    know why or how windows installer becomes active. It happens relatively often
    when I try to use (an online dictionary). Sometimes also when
    trying to access another web page. I should also add that something might be
    wrong with my Windows XP service pack 2 system. I have the Registry Mechanic
    from Pctools, but I get the impression that using it does sometimes more harm
    than good. I do have two good anti spyware programs and a good antivirus
    program, it's unlikely that a spyware program or antivirus program on my
    computer is installed.

    Insight/help appreciated.

    unstablemicrosoft, Sep 24, 2006
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  2. unstablemicrosoft

    Panda_man Guest

    My reply is at the bottom of your message :

    I bet we have seen almost the same message just like yours here in MS
    newsgroups which has previously been answered very well . If you are the same
    guy , please don't do it again !

    Anyway ... from what you write I think there is nothing to worry about .
    McAfee is right , their firewall is doing its job , we can't be sure about
    the router . Make sure you configure it correctly to no exceptions , NAT and
    SPI enabled .

    Configure well your McAfee firewall to be well protected . Remember that
    your software firewall (McAfee) is your MOST IMPORTANT protection , it is
    protecting your computer , the router is protecting the network (if you have
    such) .

    Make sure your antivirus is good and always enabled , updated and well
    configured .

    After that , test your firewall protection with McAfee's Hackerwatch org
    (search for it in Google) . Learn how to protect your computer here:

    Oh , yes , I almost forgot, your issue with MS Installer , office is not a
    security issue , something wants Office applications and tries to install and
    additional component which your Office still doesn't have

    Panda_man, Sep 24, 2006
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  3. Ok, thanks, I got my answer.

    No further replies needed.
    unstablemicrosoft, Sep 25, 2006
  4. unstablemicrosoft

    Panda_man Guest

    Hi again ! You are welcome !
    Don't hesitate to post again ;-)
    Panda_man, Sep 25, 2006
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