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Discussion in 'Virus Information' started by Daave, Nov 24, 2009.

  1. Daave

    Daave Guest

    I've come across a number of people in recent years complaining about
    AVG Free, but since I have never had a problem, I have stuck with this

    Now that Version 9 is out, I now want out. Performance issues like what
    is described here is the reason I'm finished with it:

    So it's now between Avast and AntiVir. Which would be better on a
    7-year-old PC? (My guess is they're comparable, but I'd like to hear
    from others who have experience -- with both, preferably).

    Daave, Nov 24, 2009
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  2. I'm currently using Avast! on my Vista laptop - seems to work great.

    I'm currently using AntiVir on my older XP Pro SP3 laptop, it is also
    working just great, however I had noticed (as others have complained
    about) that sometimes (timely) updates were a problem. I hear they have
    attempted to address the issue via a change in their virus def file
    format or the system by which they are distributed (or both). never really bothered me too much anyway as I'm not addicted to
    timely updates.

    Sort of off the topic, but I also have Clamwin as an on-demand scanner -
    I still wouldn't rely on it as my *only* scanner, but it ain't that bad.
    FromTheRafters, Nov 24, 2009
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  3. Daave

    RJK Guest

    One of the "performance issues" I've noticed with "AVG Internet Security
    Suite v.9.0," when installing it, and particularly when upgrading to it from
    v.8.5, is the new AVG v.9.0 "optimization" feature that will make
    "...future scans faster..." !
    i.e. rather than blindly clicking "yes" at every installation prompt,
    including when being prompted whether or not to use the new AVG 9.0
    "optimization" feature, and instead of thinking to oneself, "Oh my Goodness,
    not another application that wants to rattle around in the background for a
    small eternity "indexing" an index for its' own exclusive use", and "do I
    really want that sort of thing consuming most of my antique single core cpu
    processing power ?" (...or in my case, I have a reasonably half decent
    dual-core 3ghz cpu and so that sort of thing will not cause too much of an
    inconvenience whilst I'm doing other things), would have been much better for the person installing, or upgrading,
    to AVG v.9.0 to have paused at that "optimization" yes/no box, pondered
    awhile on their hardware specifications, and pondered on the cpu-load /
    implications, and perhaps chose NO !!!!!! ...instead of later discovering
    that the aforementioned is causing an inconvenience because of earlier
    carelessness, and then slagging off a pretty good software application.

    regards, Richard
    RJK, Nov 27, 2009
  4. Daave

    Daave Guest

    As I installed version 9, I did try to be aware of every step. I made
    sure to decline e-mail and link scanning. With regard to the
    optimization, it appears I misunderstood. I was under the impression
    that it was going to happen sooner or later; I decided to get it over
    with. That is, I thought it would perform one initial scan (whether at
    first use or at some automatic point in the future) that would make
    subsequent scans quicker. The way I read it, it wasn't an option (that
    is, the feature would eventually take place, whether at first run or
    some automatic point in the future).

    Sounds like I read too quickly, and thus incorrectly, eh?
    Daave, Nov 27, 2009
  5. Daave

    RJK Guest

    You've got me there !

    I interpreted the AVG 9.0 installation prompt for its' new "optimization/I
    assumed - file indexing" feature as :- Say "yes" now and it'll do it now
    and forever, (unless you go into AVG's advanced settings and turn it off),
    or say "no" now and it'll never do it, (unless you go into AVG's advanced
    settings and turn it on) !!!

    Without looking into it in further detail, (and even though I do keep an eye
    on installed applications exclusive indexing routines e.g. XP's hard disk
    indexing. Nero Scout indexing, Creative Labs indexing, WMP indexing, MS
    Office 2000 indexing feature ....list goes on and on ....), I have not
    spotted AVG 9.0 doing an "optimization/file indexing routine" since I chose

    Anyhoooo, .....I'll go and have a quick look in AVG's advanced settings,
    .........whilst rummaging I discovered that AVG had falsely flagged my AMD
    dual core optimization program as hostile !, ..... I can't find a setting
    for the AVG optimization feature that was prompted for during installation !

    ....there appears to be no further setting, or control, for the
    aforementioned "optimization/indexing" scan, so I'm guessing that it's has
    been configured to do its' stuff if I'd said yes, and to not do it if I had
    said "no," which I did, and now it appears to be never doing it !

    Now I'm wondering if we're talking about the ant-virus module or the old
    "web-enabled software" scan related to the firewall module ! ?

    regards, Richard
    RJK, Nov 28, 2009
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