Does Norton Corporate edition NEED to be renewed each year?

Discussion in 'Anti-Virus' started by David Michael, Sep 21, 2003.

  1. We have Norton Antivirus corporate edition v7.6.... do we NEED to
    renew / buy it again to keep getting the latest antivirus definitions?
    There's no subscription expiration like in NAV 200x. It keeps
    working even after the year since it's been installed. If you look at
    the symantec store's website, it talks of "The Symantec Small Business
    5-Packs carry a full year of Upgrade Insurance and only 3 Technical
    Support Incidents for the year. ". I don't need to upgrade the app -
    it's running fine on our machines. Unless I am missing something, it
    doesn't say this comes with 1 year subscription to virus definitions.
    But I can't see them letting a business off the hook of annual
    payments while socking individuals?!

    And so if somewhere in the license or somewhere else it does say you
    only get 1 year of virus definitions.... then a) how come there's no
    subscription expiration field and b) it doesn't seem to save you money
    when you renew - you have to buy the latest version of the program at
    retail price? THANKS!
    David Michael, Sep 21, 2003
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  2. David Michael

    Stevo Guest

    Not entirely sure about the legality of it.. but heck, if it doesn't prompt
    you to upgrade your subscription then my guess would be that you don't need
    to. Provided of course that you can still get the update definition files...
    my experience with Norton Antivirus products is that they start bugging you
    about a month before the subscription period is up.

    If you are happy with your current version of NAV and the new version
    doesn't offer any significant advantages to you, then why upgrade - maybe
    next year the new product will have some features that you want, re-assess
    your needs then.
    Stevo, Sep 21, 2003
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