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Discussion in 'Dealing with Spyware' started by FNA, Apr 27, 2010.

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    Apr 27, 2010
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    I thought it was on this site that I picked up a set of instructions for removing the 'malware' from Control Center. It has hijacked my computer and I can get nothing but the Control Center when I turn on my computer.

    The instructions I read apparently were for Windows NT; I run Windows XP.

    I can open in safe mode and choose "Safe Mode" or Safe Mode with Command Prompts"

    Neither choice yields anywhere that I can type in any thing, let alone "explorer.exe" as instructed. If I hit "enter" it goes to the Control Center screen.

    I have seen other posts concerning this problem here stating that this safe mode process does not work for them and seeking further advice. Most responses suggest that they download 'MBAM'

    Of course, with the system hijacked, I can't download anything - I can't do anything at all - my computer has essentially been stolen from me.

    I hate to ask for you to reiterate any instructions you have previously given, but I need help from some source and I hope you can provide it. Windows XP home eidition hijacked by Control Center.

    Please help.
    FNA, Apr 27, 2010
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