Discussion in 'Virus Information' started by rc, Oct 16, 2009.

  1. rc

    Geoff Guest

    One old fart to another, the Office key is called Product ID in the
    About... box of any one of the Office applications.
    Geoff, Nov 7, 2009
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  2. From: "OldandInTheWay" <>

    | Thanks, but at my age nothing much gets me upset when it comes to computers. I started
    | programming an IBM 11/30 using FORTRAN in 1972. At heart at I'm "child of DEC" (PDP-11,
    | VAX, Alpha) with an M.S. in Applied Mathematics. My real career was in electronic
    | instrument design, where I wrote lots of real-time assembler code for micro-controllers
    | in addition to designing the hardware itself. I taught C++ programming at the
    | University of Maryland for a few years as well in the past decade.
    | I'm just a "back in the day" type windbag now. ;-)

    < snip >

    | John -- OldandInTheWay

    But not capable of accessing Usenet directly but uses the POS frint end,

    You'd think someone doing FORTRAN in '72 and teaching "C++" would know how to do it right.
    David H. Lipman, Nov 7, 2009
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  3. rc

    Andy Medina Guest

    I'm in the same boat as you John. BS in EE in '75. :D Cut my teeth on the
    My message was not meant as an insult to you. Just a reminder that fdisk
    (wipe out
    partitions) does not touch the MBR. That's why tools like fixmbr and fixboot
    But I'm sure you already knew that, just had a CRS moment. :D

    Try ccleaner (listed under Tools/Uninstall) to see if there is a corrupted
    entry in the
    Add/Remove programs entries. You maybe able to delete it, if there is one
    and ccleaner
    can read the rest of the entries. Might be worth a try. Also Spybot Search
    and Destroy
    can list Add/Remove program entries and you might be able to see what gives.
    Of course
    going into the registry is another choice. Can't remember [a CRS moment
    myself :D ] where
    in the registry the list is kept at the moment though.

    As for the page file being on another disk, be sure that disc is not on the
    cable as the OS disk if using PATA. Data on the PATA cable can only be from
    of the disks at a time. With SATA there is only one drive per SATA cable, so
    can be read or written to several disks at the same time (theoretically). A
    raid array
    would change what I just said though.
    Andy Medina, Nov 7, 2009
  4. I certainly wasn't trying to upset anyone. I just thought it unlikely
    that the MBR was involved since the hiding would have been more complete
    if the kernel were patched (my "oneupsmanship" humor went almost
    unnoticed it seems)
    GE 635 (IIRC) Secondary School Network, Dartmouth Time Sharing System
    for me - mostly Dartmouth BASIC 8th and 9th Edition but some FORTRAN IV,
    ALGOL(60?), and COBOL thrown in.

    I'm surprised to find someone else who has been computering (or
    networking) since '72.
    Back in the day, I was just a highschool student skipping classes so I
    could spend time computering. If I wasn't where I was supposed to be,
    they knew right where to find me.
    If the MBR has a valid signature, it is left alone.

    FromTheRafters, Nov 7, 2009
  5. Thank you all for the responses!
    What a treat to find after being disconnected from the Internet.
    I've been off in "system repair land" for a couple of days,
    but now I am back.

    I have an occasionally-sporadic and rather-varied background:
    I didn't spend all my time in one place or just doing one thing.
    A Jack of All Trades is never a Master of any, so I still fumble
    I retired a decade ago after a massive heart attack that left me

    Besides, I'm a hardware guy at heart: I only did software because my
    hardware designs won't run without it, and who better to write it than
    Computer Science was my minor in both college and grad school.

    Software is still fun to play with, though.


    @Geoff: I have the Office 2000 Product ID,
    but that's 5 characters short of a Product-key in length.
    I tried putting it in as the CD-key and it was rejected as invalid.
    Microsoft was nice enough to assign me a unique OEM ID for my machine
    and a new XP security key, but they said they're "out of Office 2000
    when I called last week. Since they're sinking the remains of Windows
    this year I'd expect they'd abandon Office 2000 as well.
    Time moves - on even if I don't. Good suggestion!


    Whatever I did, it seems to have cured what was ailing my
    primary system disk, and I've reset it's pagefile to "none" for now.
    I've got a "gratus" matched-pair of Seagate 120GB drives coming
    my way that I wasn't expecting, so I guess I'll have to think up
    some new arrangement - without overloading the power supply.
    (HEAT is the one true enemy!)

    The issue regarding my "dual-boot" systems and "criss-crossing" their
    respective pagefiles seems in retrospect to have been clever at the
    but probably not a good idea after the dust had settled.
    I think now that it causes the other volume to be mounted as a system
    device, due to the presence of the pagefile, which would also reveal
    I do have two separate installations of XP. That's my idea of a
    "catastrophe strategy" and it did work this time for me.

    As for USENET, I never had much use for it "back in the day".
    Just keeping a 5-node Local Area Vaxcluster running 24/7 with 200 users
    took up enough of my time, and Digital was always there to help (we got
    premier treatment). VMS, like FORTRAN, is forever. I miss DEC a lot.

    The rest of the time I spent designing and building research
    instrumentation for monitoring vibrations in large-span suspension
    bridges: like Tacoma Narrows and the Sunshine Skyway.
    Tacoma Narrows is an eerie place.

    I learned C++ by teaching it, and with the department chairman's
    That was after the heart attack when all I could do was stand around
    and talk and scribble with chalk. Since I had cut my teeth on VAX-Pascal
    teaching intermediate programming one summer during grad school in the
    mid-80's (Kathleen Jensen, of Jensen & Wirth, was DEC's VP for
    programming languages back then, as I recall) the chairman said it said
    it would be easy
    for me to pick up C++ "on the fly" and he was right: it was easy.

    I even exchanged some e-mail with Bjarne Stroustrup up at ATT in NJ
    after I
    found a mistake in one his better-known papers on object-oriented
    programming principles. He graciously admitted that I was right,
    but he never got around to fixing it!

    My real passions are for differential equations and combinatorics.
    Anybody up for some? :)

    - older, a bit wiser, and still in the way ...
    OldandInTheWay, Nov 8, 2009
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