AVG antivirus for server 2003/exchange

Discussion in 'Virus Information' started by Paul L, Nov 5, 2004.

  1. Paul L

    Paul L Guest

    Does anyone have any experience with AVG antivirus (file server, mail server
    versions) from www.grisoft.com ?

    I am looking for a relatively low cost solution for a small network (1 or 2
    servers, 4 or 5 desktops/laptops plus a small number of test machines that
    are not always operating).

    Your comments appreciated.

    Paul L, Nov 5, 2004
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  2. Paul:

    You would need..
    AVG ESE for Exchange 2000/2003
    AVG Network Edition for workstations.

    However, they are NOT at the top of my list but for a small company it may
    suit your comapny until you grow and will require a more robust solution.

    Don't forget a hardware based FireWall between the LAN and the WAN !

    =?Utf-8?B?RGF2aWQgSC4gTGlwbWFu?=, Nov 5, 2004
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  3. I like their stuff for workstations, but on networks I'm cautious. I'd look
    into a larger vendor that can not only protect your servers, but centrally
    manage your desktops with ease - I personally like Trend Micro.
    Lanwench [MVP - Exchange], Nov 6, 2004
  4. AVG ESE comes w/ the network edition so you'd not need to purchase both for
    your exchange server.

    I've been using it successfully in a similar setup (one exchange server,
    several exchange clients) and it's been working fine. Regular updates, tech
    support response is very good - response within several hours and then
    they'll write back and forth with you, etc.
    Jerry Hoffmeister, Nov 23, 2004
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