Any homeusers here?

Discussion in 'Computer Security' started by FromTheRafters, Jun 28, 2010.

  1. Is there anyone home?
    FromTheRafters, Jun 28, 2010
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  2. FromTheRafters

    Yuri Nalysis Guest

    Why would there be if it's shut down?

    : Is there anyone home?
    Yuri Nalysis, Jun 28, 2010
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  3. FromTheRafters

    Nobody Guest

    Looks like people can still post though...
    Nobody, Jun 28, 2010
  4. FromTheRafters

    Yuri Nalysis Guest

    Sure. Anyone can post thru a 3rd party NNTP server such as
    eternal-september. MS shut down their own servers. The newsgroup names will
    live on as long as there is a NNTP servert that still carries them. But, the
    experts and MVPs are migrating to the fourms. (That's where they'll get
    credit for helping and posting). And, an awful lot of posters have left.
    Notice how the traffic is almost nil?

    : : > Why would there be if it's shut down?
    : Looks like people can still post though...
    Yuri Nalysis, Jun 28, 2010
  5. FromTheRafters

    VanguardLH Guest

    No, they aren't migrating. They were already there before. Those that
    aren't there aren't going there, either. If they were willing to
    tolerate the inane and crippled interface for Microsoft's web-based
    forums for boobs then they were already there before Microsoft ever made
    an announcement about discontinuing their 4-year experiment of trying to
    usurp Usenet. If they don't want to waste time with a deficient web
    forums (and which do not have the granularity of newsgroups) then
    they're staying here in Usenet - where they probably started!
    Only neophyte or boobs that have been newly granted MVP status give a
    gnat's fart about the scoring in the web-based forums. Real or seasoned
    MVPs don't care about the ratings that are so inconsistent regarding
    ratings as to be worthless. If an MVP is so ego-sensitive as to be
    worried about the wildly erratic and temperamental ratings then they
    haven't been around long enough or often enough to yet matter as an MVP.

    Also, don't get too hung up on the MVP badge. There are plenty of
    regulars that are equally or better qualified than many MVPs for
    responding to or helping users with their problems or questions.
    Besides, no MVP is a Microsoft employee so all the MVP badge does is
    indicate a history of helpfulness but the lack of the MVP badge does NOT
    impugn that a long-time regular is any less capable, Some nominates
    have declined the MVP badge since its ownership may actually quash their
    personality. They feel they might lose that badge and be so blandly
    professional to the point of emoting a neutered personality. Even a
    cantankerous SOB may provide the answer you need. Thin-skinned egos
    don't last long in Usenet and why users often like the comfy womb of
    web-based forums.
    An awful lot of noobs never posted here in Usenet through Microsoft's
    pretend "Community" forums which were gatewayed to and leeched from
    Usenet. Instead they posted to the social and answers forums that were
    never gatewayed to Usenet. In fact, there is not a one-to-one
    correspondence between the newsgroups and forums - and many newsgroups
    have no counterpart for a forum! These noobs couldn't figure out how to
    use a newsreader or even expend the effort to find out of where to
    connect. They barely know how to use their web browser so they got
    stuck with using the oh-so-wonderful web-based forums which lack all the
    organizational features of an NNTP client.

    Users that have posted in Usenet in the microsoft.public.* newsgroups
    will find the web-based forums highly disappointing.
    VanguardLH, Jun 28, 2010
  6. FromTheRafters

    Yuri Nalysis Guest

    Hey, HoopleHead:

    Notice there is little or no posting in these MS NNTP groups?

    Notice that the regulars, other then pretentious condescending HoopleHeads
    like you have migrated?

    You'd be surprised how important it is to many MVPs to get their "points"
    because the want to be renewed.

    Get your head out of the sand, Beavis.
    Yuri Nalysis, Jun 28, 2010
  7. From: "FromTheRafters" <erratic>

    | Is there anyone home?

    Just nod if you can hear me...

    Is there anyone at home?
    David H. Lipman, Jun 28, 2010
  8. I..........have become ...comfortably numb...
    FromTheRafters, Jun 29, 2010
  9. How could there be if it's been shut down?
    FromTheRafters, Jun 29, 2010
  10. Is that like getting a star on your forehead?
    Self-fulfilling prophecy.
    [x] <=========== vote for VanguardLH
    FromTheRafters, Jun 29, 2010
  11. From: "FromTheRafters" <erratic>

    | I..........have become ...comfortably numb...


    "In the lazy water meadow, I lay me down. All around me golden sun flakes covering the
    Basking in the sunshine of a bygone afternoon, bringing sounds of yesterday into this city
    David H. Lipman, Jun 29, 2010
  12. FromTheRafters

    VanguardLH Guest

    So you must've been one of those kids that beamed when they brought home
    a report from the teacher with a bunch of self-stick shiny stars on it.
    VanguardLH, Jun 29, 2010
  13. FromTheRafters

    VanguardLH Guest

    And it is just these kind of immature posts that will not be missed
    here. Go join your noob brethern over in the web forums; however, I
    doubt they will really appreciate your "[t]wit" over there.

    By the way, Usenet was NOT designed for the common boob wanting help
    with their OS or software. It wasn't until AOL dumped them into Usenet
    that we got flooded with the undetailed "don't work" posts. Look at the
    users using a web interface and posting through Microsoft's leeching
    gateway to Usenet. They were only slightly better than Google Groupers:
    no details, wrong or made up terminology, never even read a Dummies book
    on their problematic OS or app, knee-jerk posting, no initiative to
    research their own problem, lack of caps or punctuation, overuse of
    chatspeak or texting shorthand, don't bother to review their post before
    submitting it, and too often wrote like 5-year olds.

    Usenet wasn't designed for the lazy web-using folks. That these same
    boobs are now forced to post in Microsoft's web-based forums (because
    they don't know how to use Usenet) is a bad thing? Hardly. Quantity
    does not equate to quality. What *is* important is response time and
    the usability of that response. Posting in a dead newsgroup means not
    resolving your problem. Posting in a less noisy newsgroup rife with
    undetailed posts but getting answers is still what Usenet is about.
    Volume is unimportant. Answers are.

    Having less noise in the newsgroup now means those that continue to
    inhabit these newsgroups will have less crap to filter through to find
    posts that they even want to bother reading and perhaps may choose to
    provide help. Before there was a lot of fluff to filter through to find
    posts that you cared to respond to. With Microsoft's leaving Usenet,
    it's the best filtering that could've happened here. We now have a
    chance to recover from the webnews leeching gateway to Usenet; however,
    I do appreciate the detailed granularity of the numerous newsgroups that
    allow focusing on a particular topic. To that I tip my hat to Microsoft
    for taking the trouble to create these newsgroups in Usenet.
    VanguardLH, Jun 29, 2010
  14. [...]
    Well stated, VanguardLH!
    FromTheRafters, Jun 29, 2010
  15. FromTheRafters

    Joan Archer Guest

    I'm nodding can you see me <g>
    Joan Archer, Jun 29, 2010
  16. FromTheRafters

    Nobody Guest

    I consider it most of the idiots gone to those truly ill-designed web
    forums that MS is running.
    Nobody, Jun 29, 2010
  17. At least we'll still have the occasional egghead or techarena post for comic
    relief now that the MS vector is gone.
    FromTheRafters, Jul 3, 2010
  18. Hi Joan, I just wanted to see who was still monitoring this group's like having a roll-call after a disaster.
    FromTheRafters, Jul 3, 2010
  19. I still feel that the dark side of the moon was their best. And the best
    rock album ever.
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    What's in a Name?, Jul 9, 2010
  20. From: "What's in a Name?" <>

    | On Mon, 28 Jun 2010 22:01:59 -0400, David H. Lipman

    I luv the stuff with Sid Barett but I luv all Pink Floyd from Ummagumma to Roger Waters

    Saucerful of Secrets.
    Several speciofs of small fury animals...
    Live at Pompeii
    Learning to fly
    The Wall movie
    Set the control for the heart of the sun
    Atom heart mother
    David H. Lipman, Jul 9, 2010
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