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Discussion in 'Anti-Virus' started by Bill, Feb 18, 2010.

  1. Bill

    Bill Guest

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    I've been out of the loop on this sort of thing for a few years, so I'll ask and
    hope someone replies who knows what they're talking about.

    Years back, there were places such as the University of Hamburg Virus Test
    Center that one could look to for competent independent comparative reviews of
    anti-virus products. Last time I looked, their website was anything but

    What current sources are now considered reliable for anti-virus test results?
    Bill, Feb 18, 2010
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  2. Why that? Curious...
    You have many answers and a good discussion going in alt.comp.anti-virus
    group for your identical article. Please don't multi-post; cross-post
    only if necessary.
    Beauregard T. Shagnasty, Feb 18, 2010
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    Hank Nussbacher, Feb 21, 2010
  4. Bill

    Steve Guest

    X-Posting to right groups is fine but multi-post is not. And I agree with
    you that Bill shouldn't need to ask the already answered question.
    Steve, Feb 21, 2010
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