after all this, avg is this readers best choice for AV

Discussion in 'Spyware' started by *Prot3anThr3ad*, Nov 5, 2006.

  1. even after testing all the commercial products out there:

    For example, you could combine the free firewall built into Windows XP
    with Microsoft's free Windows Defender anti-spyware utility, then keep
    whatever anti-virus program came with your PC (or download the free AVG
    software: ). To block phishing Web sites
    trying to impersonate your bank, try the new Internet Explorer 7 and
    Mozilla Firefox 2.0 browsers.
    *Prot3anThr3ad*, Nov 5, 2006
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  2. *Prot3anThr3ad*

    Anonyma Guest

    I totally agree on AVG. You can download the all new Free AVG 7.5
    version here:

    I haven't updated this list lately, too busy, but there are other
    free programs that do help a lot to protect your computer.

    Also, a good free news reader is here.

    Anonyma, Nov 5, 2006
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