Administration Tutorials Startup - Understanding and Managing Startup Programs

Discussion in 'Virus Information' started by Software Engineer, Jun 10, 2011.

  1. A collection of 39 tutorials on understanding and managing Windows
    startup programs: What is a startup program; How to list all startup
    program; What is the best way to remove a startup program; Reviewing
    apoint.exe, ifrmewrk.exe, atiptaxx, quickset.exe, bacstray.exe,
    dsentry.exe, directcd.exe, shstat.exe, updateui.exe, realsched.exe,
    googledesktop.exe, exec.exe, nzspc.exe, yahoomessenger.exe,
    msmsgs.exe, reader_sl.exe, dlg.exe, wzqkpick.exe, etc.
    Software Engineer, Jun 10, 2011
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